I have de-clawed cats and dogs and have NO problem with it

I have de-clawed cats and dogs and have NO problem with it

by Heather

I have de-clawed cats and dogs alike. I have NO problem with it it is much better then an animal being put out of the house because they cant control there natural instinct.

You all might as well say that spaying is cruel due to the fact that u are cutting a living organ out of the animal.

I think we should do it to people too. (yeah i am nasty) there is nothing wrong with it people crop ears for no reason then it looks cool or bob a tail cuz it makes the poor dog look mean. there is NO reason for those alterations but no one rants and raves about them!!!!! i hate doing a ear cropping that is harsh and pain full. and what use is it. at least if you are de-clawing an animal its because the animal will tear something up not because it looks cool.

I really hate all these high pedestal people that only see what they want too. if i had a cat that just playing took out a leather couch when you were at work what would u do….most would get rid of the cat. if the cat dose not have the nails guess what it would not happen. sorry i got off on a rant there but plz don’t be all high and mighty look at all sides of the facts then say your peace and move on.

thank you


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I have de-clawed cats and dogs and have NO problem with it

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Dec 27, 2010 Ah but……
by: Barbara

……. WHY does no one declaw dogs? Dogs have claws, big dogs have big claws, small dogs have small claws all as damaging as a cat’s claws are when used to scratch human skin, as I know from an bad injury inflicted by a spaniel on my mother’s leg.

Is it because dogs scream and howl when they are hurt whereas cats take it quietly?

Is it because dogs are taken out for walks and so are seen in public whereas cats are kept indoors for life and only seen by people admitted to their home?

Is it because people think dogs are superior to cats and there
for shouldn’t be mutilated?

Why is it acceptable to take away a cat’s claws when they are needed for her to walk properly, exercise properly, groom properly, interact socially and play and yet the prospect of declawing dogs makes shock and horror reverberate around the town?

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander so come on folks do YOU think it’s ok to declaw cats? Well then it’s Ok to declaw dogs as well! On the other hand if, like me, your stomach turns at the thought of declawing dogs then it should be damn well turning at the thought of declawing cats as well!!

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Dec 26, 2010 Troll
by: Anonymous

I think this girl is just spouting a bunch of made-up nonsense, since no one “declaws” dogs. She’s just trying to get a rise out of people.

Nov 22, 2010 To Lana
by: Ruth

Thank you for speaking as a vet because surely as a person who trained to help animals, not to mutilate them, your opinion must count for a lot.

Even before declawing was banned here in the UK our vets wouldn’t do it.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Nov 17, 2010 sad
by: Lana

I’m also a vet (16 years) from NZ and working also in the UK, now the middle east- which is the first time I saw de-clawing. It’s sick and un-necessary, SO is ear clipping and tail docking.

The idea that an animal owner who is so out of touch with their pet, it’s behaviour, needs, care and training should even be given the option to cut it’s toes of as a solution is alian to the developed world (I’m not including N America in that, obviously ).

If you have to de-claw, de-fang, de-bark, dock tails and ears to enjoy your pet – shop at toys-are-us until you can cope with a live animal!

Oct 06, 2010 A waste of space and skin
by: Leah (England)

You madam are a complete waste of space and skin. If you lived in England and you made your views public you would probably be hunted down and beaten to within an inch of your life and quite honestly that just what you deserve. I personally would like to inflict on you exactly what you inflict on animals.

Correct me if I’m wrong but you appear enjoy your job because you are a sadistic nasty bitch.

In England you would be unemployable because you’re very very stupid and very illiterate. I pity with all my heart any animal that comes within 10 miles of you, you evil, cold hearted waste of space.

Oct 06, 2010 declawing!
by: sharmistha

Heather, i really am scared for the pets that u have or used to have. Please give them up to people who wud treat them as thier kids and not like a stuffed toy which can be cuddled when u need a cuddle and thrown around when u dont.

Oct 05, 2010 Illiteracy doesn’t preclude working in the veterinary field
by: Kathleen

Sadly, I can easily believe that this person works at a veterinary office in some capacity other than a “cleaner”, because in many states in the US, (especially in the South) there are NO educational or certification requirements to do so. This is yet another reason why the American veterinary industry is in SUCH bad need of regulation- because so many vets will hire the first person who walks in off the street when they happen to need someone, and train them on a “need to know” basis to do the highly specialized tasks of caring for hospital patients. And what many of these vets think their staff “needs to know” couldn’t fill a thimble. Who needs a competent staff when you believe you’re an infallible genius yourself? Save money and hire cheap!

Oct 05, 2010 Well it’s not YOUR problem is it ?
by: Ruth

Heather you are either a troll or a very ignorant and uneducated cold hearted idiot.

You say YOU have no problem with declawing, well you wouldn’t would you seeing as it’s not you going through the amputation of your finger ends with all the fear, pain and shock involved.

It’s not you waking up crippled for life,walking on painful feet and having to dig in litter to cover your own excreta.It’s not you being yelled at for using the carpet or soft furnishings instead as your wounded stumps hurt so much.It’s not you being vulnerable to kids and being mauled and being yelled at more if you bite out of self defence.It’s not you being thrown out to be at the mercy of healthy beings outside.It’s not you facing stress illnesses and being carted off for more painful treatment.It’s not you who even if you are very lucky and escape all that, who will grow old and develop painful arthritis because of a lifetime of being unable to exercise.That’s if you hadn’t been dumped at a Shelter and killed or caged for life as unrehomeable by the very person who caused those problems by paying a corrupt vet for a cruel operation.

Why should you care when it’s not YOU.

But have you ever thought of putting yourself in the animal’s place ? I think you should. Or are you such a moron that you have no imagination and no feelings for any other living creature than your miserable self ?

Any cosmetic surgery is cruel and uneccessary and only inflicted on helpess animals in the power of animal abusers like you.

If you work for a vet then God help the animals in your ‘care’

But I think as you are so illiterate you are probably only the cleaner.

EVERYONE….. all the more reason to boycott mutilating vets, just incase this excuse for a person works there.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Oct 05, 2010 Nobody can be THIS ignorant and live surely
by: Barbara.

Blimey I thought we’d had some right nuggets on POC in the past but this post from Heather must rank as the most ignorant ever, not only because of the spelling and grammar and text-speak but because she obviously has not got a clue what the hell she is talking about.

Heather, I have a problem with YOU, you seem to think cropping ears is WORSE than taking away a vital part of an animals paws, yes cropping is nasty but it is not as disfiguring as declawing which is crippling and even life threatening! You have a choice whether to own a cat or dog you know, you are not forced to do so and if your furniture is SO important you should just get a teddy bear.

If hating declawing and loathing people who declaw, or ask for their pet to be declawed, makes me a “high pedestal person” then I am proud to be amongst those people with the integrity to know extreme cruelty when they see it.

Why don’t you go and ask a vet nicely if he will declaw you, that way you won’t be able to get your stupid hands on a keyboard and air your ignorant views ever again. In fact come over here and I’ll do it for you, free of charge and without anaesthetic.

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Oct 05, 2010 Hey Heather
by: Cat lover

Consider this. You don’t know what you are talking about. Educate yourself. First of all, learn the difference between there, they’re, their. Once you learn that, education yourself about the cruelty to animals that you have no problem with.

Get ready for the onslaught of your life, if you have the courage to come back and read comments from sensible people.

Oct 05, 2010 To horrible Heather from Hell
by: Maggie

Wow, now someone needs to go to an English class! Is this a joke? Or are you actually a stupid illiterate idiot?

You should be shot dead you animal abuser. Declawing is banned in my country, I have 2 fully claws cats and a fully clawed dogs, and have I ever had claw issues? No! I’ve had cats since birth and none have ever been declawed! You only declaw your animals because you’re ignorant and you’re a plain flipping idiot!

Wow, your stupidity, ignorance and the fact that you can’t spell to save your life has seriously shocked me!

So, y dnt u go n learn 2 spell b4 comin hear again.

Learn proper animal care too, and educate yourself about the TORTURE of declawing!

Oct 05, 2010 In response to Heather
by: Anonymous

Heather. You are wrong to say that people do not have an issue with dogs ears being cut. I get very upset about that as well as tail docking. Both are a mutilation!

When an animal does damage in the home, you have to ask yourself why – is the cat alone all day?

Does it have a scratching post?

Can you prevent the cat having access to the furniture.

I have 9 cats and 2 dogs. The cats do scratch my rattan chairs, it seems obvious why. But they don’t have access to my best settee!

If I were you I would not work for a vet that mutilates an animal unnecessarily (I do not count spaying and neutering as unnecessary)

Oct 05, 2010 Bad
by: Michael

Heather, thanks for sharing. But I am afraid I don’t like being called a “high pedestal people”. I hate declawing and I feel that I am simply a decent person with commonsense. It is obviously wrong and the answer for you and “nasty” people like you, is not to keep cats or dogs or any domestic animal.

People like you should be banned from keeping animals.

You also need a good dose of education of every and any kind.

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