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I Have Two Bobcat Kittens and They Fight Viciously. What Can I Do? — 12 Comments

  1. Yikes! So wish that you had emailed me about this, Michael.

    Happy to have seen this..

    To whomever… Trust me that no bobcat will ever be fully domesticated and be able to be rehomed. You need to acclimate them back into the wild as soon as possible. That will take work on your part. If you care, you will do the work. Place them near the edge of a forest, woods, brush, etc. and stay within the vacinity to watch and see if they get comfortable and intrigued. They will.
    I know, full well, that you love them. But, letting them go is the greatest love you could give them.
    Trust me please. I speak from experience. Bobcats are my most beloved cats.

  2. Have this person contact The Feline Conservation Federation. They will be able to provide any information needed regarding proper care for these bobcats. They (FCF) can also find a good permanent home for them if that is what the current owner chooses. Lynn Culver is the best contact person. She has cared for bobcats for numerous years.

    • Thank you. These are never domestic pets. Keeping one as a pet is 10X worse than it ending up in a well run zoo or animal sanctuary.

  3. Most states require a wildlife permit to keep and raise wild orphans. She should become affiliated with a rescue so she gets the support she needs.
    Many people don’t seek help because in many cases the animals will be taken to a refuge to be raised and released. Wild animals need specialized veterinary care.

  4. This may be a result of pecking order. Neutering is an option. Once the hormones subside they may get along again.

  5. Perhaps this is an instinct to eliminate competition for scarce food supplies as well as ensuring only the strongest survives to get that food. . I would try giving them plenty of fresh raw meat. Perhaps that will make them feel there is plenty to go round and suppress that instinct. Otherwise simply separate them

  6. Just found this resource: National Bobcat Rescue and Research Foundation, which might be helpful. After reading a little about bobcats, I sure wouldn’t take one into my home.

  7. I would inquire about this to professional feline wild life people. Also, I’m wondering if a homeopathic or Bach Flower Essence calming remedy might be useful.

    If this is common behavior in the wild, it must decrease their numbers.

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