I joined the Feline Conservation Federation

I joined the Feline Conservation Federation

by Michael
(London, UK)

Ocelot - photo by Smithsonian's National Zoo

Ocelot - photo by Smithsonian's National Zoo

I joined the Feline Conservation Federation (FCF) and I am very pleased to have done so. I’d like to tell you why and also how you can join at a big discount. The FCF is dedicated to the welfare of exotic felines and feline conservation.

The wildcats are in need of support. They are generally in a gradually worsening situation in the wild due to growing human populations and expanding human activities that encroach upon the wild cats’ range, habitat and lifestyle. Our activities affect the lives of wild cats in many ways and a lot of it is detrimental. The Feline Conservation Federation helps to redress that imbalance.

Diminishing wild cat populations in the wild places a greater importance on how people relate to and care for captive wild cats. The Feline Conservation Federation both educates on captive wildcat husbandry and provides support for committed people working in the field, sometimes under trying and difficult conditions, whose purpose is to protect the wild cats and conserve its habitat.

The FCF have a fantastic bimonthly magazine for members that provides lots of up to date information and there are many other benefits, which you can read about on their website: Feline Conservation Federation (new window).

The wildcat is an asset to the world. It has been persecuted over more than a hundred years and late in the day, when the populations of some species are precariously low a greater awareness is needed. The FCF play a major role in this respect.

I would hope that some people who read this might consider joining. It is not expensive and it is a way of helping our beautiful wildcats.  Annual FCF Membership is $35.00 Us, $40 Canada and $50 International.

For anyone interested this website will gladly contribute half of the first year’s subscription to facilitate becoming a member. This will last throughout September 2009 and all you need to do is provide evidence by email or in a submission (and ideally have a PayPal account) :

Email (scroll down)

Form (
for submission)

Thanks for visiting the site.

I am very pleased that I joined the Feline Conservation Federation.

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I joined the Feline Conservation Federation

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Feb 28, 2010 FCF needs your support
by: Lynn Culver

I joined this organization in 1987 to learn more about how to properly provide for my cougars.

Over the decades the FCF has developed many programs to help captive feline welfare, such as the Basic Exotic Feline Husbandry Course and the Wildcat Safety Net Fund.

The FCF is also very concerned with populations of felines in nature, and works to help them.

The FCF developed its Conservation Grants and the Rare Species Fund to provide financial support for feline conservation and research and habitat protection projects around the world.

The bi-monthly Journal is a unique blend of articles written by members and professional contributors that enlighten readers on a variety of subjects such as hands-on husbandry and total immersion coexistence, how to properly care for, and breed, and rear exotic felines.

The Journal also includes articles that enlighten readers on what factors contribute to feline endangerment in nature, and contains reports from the field on scientific projects supported by grants from the FCF.

As executive director of the FCF, I invite all feline enthusiasts to join. Your membership in the FCF is welcome, whether you care for cats, or just care about cats. Together, we can make a positive change for the future of non-domestic felines.

Nov 09, 2009 FCF member
by: M Lowe

I am a member of FCF & have been since 2005. I am pleased that you are offering a deal to new members. In this economy that is an incentive.

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