I look after one feral and one abused stray cat

I look after one feral and one abused stray cat

by Brooke

I have two cats now that I look after. One’s a grey tabby with green eyes. She’s very small and has a short tail. Another is an old cat that sort of looks like a mixture between a calico and a tabby. Both of them are females.

My grey cat, “Wild“, was a feral cat. We found her in our woods just as a small kit, still very young. We looked around to see if we could find the mother and we did. She was dead, and we’re assuming a coyote or fox killed her.

We took her home and researched how to bottle feed her and what to feed her. Now she’s our little baby and is always asking for attention!

We’ve had her for about 3 years now and hope she’s with us for many more.

Our old cat, Maple, was a stray. It was obvious that she was abused by a previous owner and then abandoned. She was frightened of everyone and everything, especially young boys. You couldn’t even raise your hand or she would cower away from you.

Now that we’ve had her for around 6 years, she’s grown remarkably confident and has turned into quite the lovable kitty.

My family loves both our cats now and they’ve become a big part of our family.


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I look after one feral and one abused stray cat

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Jan 05, 2011 If everyone
by: Michael

Hi Brooke, thanks for sharing. If everyone did what you did there would be no feral cat or stray problem provided also the supply side dried up – meaning abandonment of domestic cats.

I liked your story of rehabilitation of a wary and nervous cat. Nice work and plenty of patience.

Michael Avatar

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