I Love Animal Heroes

Dee used the words in the title and I agree with her. Animal heroes are those who help animals in anyway especially those in dire need and this little frozen kitten found in snow on the verge of death was certainly in dire need of an animal hero to rescue him.

Here is a follow up showing how well he is and how well he has settled in to a warm (physically and emotionally) life.

I believe they called him Lazarus, an apt name – Jesus restored Lazarus to life four days after his death in the Gospel according to St John.

Lazarus appears to be a flame point Siamese by the way – not purebred but a Siamese or pointed cat nonetheless. These are quite rare.

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1 thought on “I Love Animal Heroes”

  1. So very sad that no one would have an interest in such a sweet story.
    But, as I read, most folks are self absorbed and tied into their own little cat world where nothing matters but what is within their sight.
    That’s how so many ferals are left to suffer. No one sees them or, if they do, they ignore, thinking that their precious babes are the only ones that count. Get a grip! Like kids, yours are only cute and lovable to you!
    To me, those people are deceitful in claiming to be cat lovers. They don’t love all cats. They only love the ones safe and warm in their homes.
    I could go on, but I won’t.
    Unless there are those who get off their bums and really help cats, they just need to shut up and remove themselves from cat loving sites.


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