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What I love about cats I could say in one single word:


Or I could write a whole book instead. But I’ll try to hit the happy medium.

I love every single part of cats, from their whiskers to their claws.

Each and every part is perfectly made and has a purpose, but I won’t go into detail here because there are already many articles about those purposes and I think all cat lovers already know them.

We know a swishing tail can say lots of things, as can the various positions cats put their ears into. We can tell what the various meows of our own cats mean and if our cats are happy, sad, hungry, thirsty, afraid, want attention or whatever.

But what is sometimes very hard to tell is if a cat is in pain. Cats are brave, they are such stoic creatures, they don’t like us to know they are suffering because it makes them feel vulnerable. So it’s easy for a cat to be quite poorly before this is noticed. A sure sign is a cat hiding away and avoiding contact with us. Another is the cat going off his food. A cat eating or drinking nothing for 2 days is in trouble and we know it means a trip to the vets.

Cats are not ‘yes men’ and that to me makes them much more lovable than dogs who always try to please. If someone abuses dogs they howl but they go back to that person. I do love dogs but I admire cats, they have much more sense, they stay away from abusers.


But sadly, some caretakers hand them over for legalised abuse, by which of course I mean declawing.

The most misunderstood part of a cat by some caretakers is their claws. Some people look upon these beautiful parts of a cat as if they are lethal weapons of mass destruction.


Claws are a very essential part of cats for their health and happiness. As well as for self defence claws are needed to walk as a cat needs to walk, to exercise the muscles by digging them in and stretching, to groom and regulate body temperature, to mark territory and to play.
It may be true that indoor only cats don’t have to defend themselves in a home where no child or other animal abuses them. But an indoor declawed cat sadly misses his very essential claws for all the reasons above.

Even the best home in the world is too high a price to pay for a cat to have to live without his toe ends/claws.

Claws are embedded into bone because they were never meant to be removed. Whichever method is used for the legalised abuse called declawing, the operation removes the bone containing the claw cells which the miraculous and much needed claws grow from.

So why would anyone when they find out the truth about the cruelty of declawing and how much cats need their claws, ignore all that and pay to have their cat declawed, yet still call themselves a cat lover?

It doesn’t make sense to me.

Trimming cats claws and providing a scratching post is a very obvious thing to do and so very easy. There is NO excuse to disable a kitten or a cat for life by having him declawed.

There is NO excuse for the vets who do this surgery. There is NO excuse for Rescue Shelters having kittens or cats declawed before they are adopted out.

In fact there is NO excuse whatsoever for declawing any cat at all.


and taking them away from any cat is incredibly cruel.

38 countries have banned declawing or consider it so extremely inhumane it is very rarely done, 8 Californian Cities have banned it too.

The civilised world is watching and waiting for the vets of the USA and Canada who declaw, to join those who do not.

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Jan 24, 2011 claw cutting day
by: kathy w

Lovely day!! Its claw cutting day!! I too love our cats claws!! I see no reason to declaw. People dont declaw dog, even though debarking is becoming a cruel practice. My Lia loves to reach his paw out to me showing me his claws. If u really love cats, love paws and claws!!

Jan 24, 2011 claw cutting day
by: kathy w

Lovely day!! Its claw cutting day!! I too love our cats claws!! I see no reason to declaw. People dont declaw dog, even though debarking is becoming a cruel practice. My Lia loves to reach his paw out to me showing me his claws. If u really love cats, love paws and claws!!

Jan 22, 2011 Me as well
by: Edward

Man your cats are handsome guys.

Well I was born into a house of cats and knew from being tiny that they have claws.I never did get scratched though because our mam taught us to be kind to our cats and didnt leave us alone with them until we proved it.

I think its terible Americans get cats declawed so kids dont learn as they grow up that theyre not toys.

Jan 21, 2011 Carolyn from Miami
by: Anonymous

There speaks someone who really does love cats.

If only the Americans who think declawing is great felt the same way there would be no need to have to battle to get it stopped.

Jan 20, 2011 Stupidity in the World
by: CAROLYN (Miami)

How would you like your knuckles ripped out!

Lately it amazes me how really stupid people are!

Stupidity leads to cruelty with animals and the majority of people in the world are not fit to have pets, period.

Jan 18, 2011 I love claws too
by: Rose

I agree every part of a cat is beautifully made and I can't see why anyone doesn't love their cat's magnificent and clever claws.

I can't see either how anyone can plead ignorance that they didn't know how essential claws are.

Then they have the nerve to say but I love my cat and the vet said it was best.

Would those people hand their children or their dog over to be crippled because some doctor told them to?

I doubt it.

Why they don't stop and think for themselves about it beats me.

Jan 17, 2011 Claws are beautiful
by: OJ

Yes claws are beautiful and very essential to cats and I'll never ever understand why anyone would want to have them removed.

There is no way anyone who does that loves cats because if you love someone you love every single part of them.

Are they your 2 cats Ruth?

What gorgeous boys.

Jan 16, 2011 My claws
by: Furby

Mama played a mean trick on me when I was neutered. She had my claws trimmed as part of the surgery. I couldn't even climb up the back of my favorite chair until they grew back out. So how can people say cats climb OK without claws? We can't. I'm glad I'll get to keep my claws forever.

Jan 16, 2011 Claws are their essence
by: Susan

I love every part of my cats too, especially their claws! Seeing them scratch is sheer joy for me, the look on their face is pure satisfaction from both the physical and emotional benefits and pleasure they receive. I love this quote about claws from Gary Loewenthal, author "Why Cats Need Their Claws"

"Claws are an integral part of a cat's being. Cats use them for isometric/friction-based scratching, balance, manipiulation, dexterity, investigating objects, and self-defense. Claws are a weight-bearing part of the feline skeletal system. Cats use their claws nearly every moment that they're awake."

Jan 16, 2011 Agreed
by: Michael

I actually like claws. I play with them and touch them and I also touch my cat's paw pads and tickle them!

I am sure she likes it. As you say if you like a cat it is common sense that you like the whole cat. You can't just like a cat without claws. That is ridiculous. If a person likes a cat without claws that person doesn't like cats - period.

Thanks for a sweet post, Ruth.

Michael Avatar

Jan 16, 2011 Cats come with claws because they need them
by: Michele S.

If cats didn't need claws then they would be born without them. It's not right or humane to disable a cat simply because someone can't accept that cats come with claws.

Whichever vet(s) first came up with the idea of declawing should hang their head in shame. They have been responsible for the untold suffering of millions of cats, rabbits, ferrets and any other creatures who've been the victims of this abuse.

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