I Love Him So Much

For my 15th birthday gift my mother and I went to a vet down the street from my house. There where many kittens in cages but one little guy seemed to be sticking out from all the rest.

I thought there was something wrong with him at first which drew me closer to him. Most people when they look for a pet looks for the best of the best, healthy strong and young.

I wanted to give the outcast a chance cuz no one ever wants the odd ball, so I took him home.

I called him Sammy. Sammy is now 3 years and 6 months old and is at the vets struggling to survive.

He swallowed a sanitary whip and it has ruined his stomach. His liver is inflamed and he won’t eat.

I prey every day that God won’t take my little man from me.

But surgery the first time around cost me $1183 dollars and his bill just keeps growing. Has anyone ever had a minni kitty that can tell me if there good healers or if I should just let him go?

Please email me back at dark_angel42020@yahoo.com and tell me what I should do.

He hasn’t eaten in the last 4 days but he is drinking… thank you.


Hi… I am very sad to hear your story. It doesn’t matter whether your cat is small, the veterinarian can treat him the same as a bigger cat.

The veterinarian too, is the one to decide whether your boy has a good chance of survival provided he or she is honest. What I mean is that sometimes vets just tease along the treatment to bring in more income.

I would watch carefully and regularly. Get all the information you can from the vet about his prospects for recovery (which you no doubt have done) and wait. Soon it will become much clearer as to what to do.

I feel that he should make a recovery but only the vet and time will tell.

Good luck.

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I Love Him So Much

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Mar 22, 2010
Cats are resilient pets.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Sad to note the enormous expenditure incurred by you as well as the plight of your cat. Cats are very resilient tough animals and the proverb that a “Cat has 9 lives” does carry water. Just go through the blog that i wrote on my late Albino/siameese mix cat “Trixie”, a feline which challenged ‘DEATH” at least on 3 occasions. Hope ypur cat recovers and all your expenditure on ypur beloved feline doesn’t go in vain. Only “Pet Lovers” would understand the importance of pets in their normal lives.

Bolg on “Trixie”:- http://trixiethecatthatlivedits9lives.blogspot.com/

Mar 22, 2010
You’d be surprised…
by: Bob

Sometimes it seems like the little ones are the toughest. I’ve been through the ordeal of worrying if my little El Ray would make it. His surgeries cost me over $1100 as well, but to me the money was secondary. Not like I had it to spare, but I did what I had to. You obviously care enough for Sammy as well. Something you should know about cats is that they can easily lose their will to live if they don’t feel they have a reason, but by the same token they can have an amazing will to pull through the worst times if they feel loved. So the very best thing you can do for him is make him feel loved. If he’s still at the vet, see if you can visit him to show him you care and want him to pull through it. Make no mistake, he will respond.

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