I love Jassman more that anything in the whole world!

I love Jassman more that anything in the whole world!

by Amy Nelson
(yukon , oklahoma , usa )

! found my cat 7 years ago when I was five. It was under our mobile home. She had one brother. He was white and a sister she was white and the mom was a calico and Jassman was grey and I had her since the day she was born and I chose her out of the other two.

We didn’t end up keeping the mom she was two wild. My brother got the girl thinking it was the boy and named her Wiggles and we ended up giving her away and now her name is Daisey.

My sister got the boy thinking it was the girl and so she named it Dora. After we found out the names still stayed the same. So Jassman and Dora went to stay with my aunt, while Dora started marking his place and so my aunt sent him back to my mom and one day he got outside and ran away looking for Jassman and we never saw him again.

Jassman came home! my mom and dad started the divorice 2 years ago and its still going on!

Anyway my dad has part time custody and Jassman lives with my mom and so I get to see my daughter every 2 weeks from 9am-9pm on Saturday and 9am-6pm on Sundays.

so this weekend I get to see my daughter and its the most happiest time of my life when I get to see Jassman and hopefully I will take her back one day !



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I love Jassman more that anything in the whole world!

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Jun 24, 2011 thanks
by: Amy

thanks and I am seeing her this weekend !

Jun 24, 2011 Love your story
by: Michael

Hi Amy — loved your story and the way you love Jassman. Sorry about your parents divorce. I hope you get to see Jassman more often. Thanks for sharing.

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