I Love Mama by Furby

I'm Six Months Old Now!

I'm Six Months Old Now!

Hi Everybody! It's Furby again. I sure do love my mama. She plays with me and cooks for me and everything.

Laura's been gone and left Lola with mama and it's been hard for Lola without her mama. I think next time Laura is gonna have to take her along for the trip.

Mama's been spoiling us. She made soup and it sure is good. Tonight she made chicken salad and gave me a little plate of it to keep me busy. SHE TRICKED ME! She gave me the part without the mayonnaise. By the time I ate that she'd put the good part up.

That's OK. I can smell mayonnaise a mile away.

Here's my newest MOO-vies. This one is short. Mama dropped cereal on my head!

I'm gonna go now. Gonna use my human control power to get me some chicken salad.


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I Love Mama by Furby

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Apr 04, 2010 He's a handful
by: Joyce Sammons

See how he tries to run off with the spoon and everything. He's getting so big now. I know he weighs more than Lola. I can't turn my back on him when I eat.

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