I Love My Cat Orbbie

I Love My Cat Orbbie

by Ronnie



I buying this cat at BANDUNG (West Java) 19-12-2008. I don't have any plan to buy this cat. I go to BANDUNG for some Reason. Actually i go to bdg for meet my x GirlFriend but blablablabla. Long story.. hehehe...
N Next day i go tu some street that i forgot what is name than i see orbbie. i am so pity with him couse orbbie like cat ownerles. he had a some disease like skin disease, trichinosis n many more. So i buy orbbie n i bring him to a vet.

Day by day i see orbbie grow Up n I love orbbie so much.

Hi Ronnie: Thanks for sharing! Orbbie looks fantastic. And it is great to hear from you in Indonesia.

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I Love My Cat Orbbie

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Jan 07, 2010 He's so lucky.
by: Linda

What a handsome cat. He is so lucky you found him. Great story.

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