I Love My Feral Cat Aslan

I Love My Feral Cat Aslan

by Crystal Austin
(Crystal River Florida)

My cat came to me as a beat up feral living in a forest with other abandoned cats I was rescuing..incluing a litter he may have fathered. He was very hurt and matted and was being picked on by a very nasty and aggressive male cat of a different breed. I call him Aslan..when I was moving he came to my door very hurt and went into a kennel telling me that he wanted to be helped.

I took him to vet who shaved his matted hair, fixed his wounds and he was neutered. What emerged was the MOST magnificent gorgeous cat with the sweetest disposition ever. He is still with me of course and he moved with me and 6 dogs across the country and has adapted to several different living situations. I HAVE BEEN IN such grace and he never roams away..I LOVE HIM and he is the best friend of one of my dogs too.


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I Love My Feral Cat Aslan

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Feb 01, 2010 touching
by: andrea

this is a very touching story, myself and my fiance rescued a 5 week old kitten from a lady on craigslist…he came to us beaten and hungry also so i feel your pain, i am so happy your cat is healthy and loving!!!

Sep 17, 2009 Aslan is a Maine C oon
by: Crystal

Please tell everyone that Aslan is a Maine Coon cat complete with M on forehead..How such a glorious cat ended up dumped in a forrest is hard to comprehend! He is so very beautiful and so very smart and extremely LOVING he is one of my ANGELS and of course has a forever home with me and is provided for in my will too..he thinks he is a pack member with my 3 remaining dogs (I had 6) 3 died this winter. very old One dog was 19..

Sep 16, 2009 Asian
by: Ruth

Aslan sounds a wonderful boy. I’m so glad you rescued him to give him a happy life with you.Your lovely story has made my day much happier.

Sep 16, 2009 Love
by: Anonymous

This is true love.

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