I love my little family of feral cats


We moved into a house with 3 babies and a mommy feral cat. I happen to love cats and have a domestic one in the house. I feed these babies and their mother and they used to live under the house and the back yard.

When they were old enough I got a trap and had each one of them fixed and got their vaccinations.

We had a really bad flea problem and the exterminator wanted us to kill the cats and I would not hear of it.

I closed the opening to the underside of the house and bought a huge cat igloo for them to live in. I put a number of baskets with towels for them to be comfortable.

There is a powder (diatomaceious earth) that I knew about that I used inside for my domestic cat that was safe and would not harm them.

I asked another exterminator to put the powder under the house and in the yard knowing the cats would roll around in it and would help with there fleas.

I would feed them 2 times a day and talk to them like I do my domestic cat. This has been going on for two years and they come when I call them for dinner.

My little female lets me touch her all the time. She is at my feet when I am outside. She will sit by my desk while I work in my office down stairs and I keep the door open.

Sometimes her brothers will come in. Once her brother was hit by a car and got hurt badly and showed up in the basket I left for them. I was able to nurse him back to health.

I know if I had the time I could so easily domesticate them all. My neighbor feels the same way I do and she has 5 she takes care of.

They all are very sweet and they are all very clean. They don’t bother anyone. I have a problem with people who don’t want to bother with feral cats and kill them.

I really enjoy them. I miss them when some nights they stay at the neighbors. The are all so interesting.

Mrs Z

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I love my little family of feral cats

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May 19, 2012 Domestic and feral cats
by: Linda

I have a holiday home on the River Wyre an for the last four years I have been feeding a cat I called Shabby because of her appearance, when I came back this March, Shabby looked all skin and bone and I think she is dying, I try to feed her and coax her to eat but she cries all the time sitting outside, she has brought another friend a semi feral persian type cat who is very friendly but my own domestic cat hisses at her and wont accept her, I would like to adopt the semi wild one but without my own cats acceptance of this cat I don’t know what to do to help the feral cat.
I don’t want her to end up like Shabby, the poor thing, I really her her but couldn’t tame hert, onnly now that it’s too late will she let me stroke her.

Mar 31, 2012 Re: The Dear Ferals
by: Lindy Fellober

We also put food out and the water when its warm enough and treats. They get good food because we put out the same as our four babies eat and its good stuff. They also get soft food at 5:00 and I named the ones that come so it makes them feel someone cares in my books. The other day Stripes the older Tabby has been in a little fight and was scratched and a bit bloody on the side of the face and ear. We put some salve on him for a few days when he came. There are some carriers fixed up and it’s sheltered off against the wind. Stripes is so cute at times as when I am out on the porch he falls down and lays on back to have his tubby rubbed the little soul. Because of my belief in God I sign them on the forehead with the cross and ask God to keep them safe when their not around me. Some of them won’t let to touch them but talk softly them and gently. They know. Whenever we get our printer fixed I will see about the pictures I took of a few of the outdoor sweethearts, including Stripes and show you. I would say Stripes is not a young cat anymore dear little baby. We do the best we can for them and I love them as much as my own. Mine like to look out the window at them. Simba, being the oldest was also abandoned and is 12, Little Joe was found outside at 1-1/2 weeks and is now a big boy of 15 pounds, neutered and needles and the girls Snickers and Bootsey were from another abandoned cat whom my friend took in when she was pregnant and she had 3 babies, of which the girls are two. They will be getting fixed on the 16th April. Anyways folks if you a feral try to give a little something if you can, they need food, water and to be loved. Thanks.

Mar 06, 2012 True cat lovers !!
by: Anonymous

I’ve been part of PoC for several months & enjoy readind different articles regarding our purry/furry friends.
Thanks for great work for these friends, they’re so special & loving, abhor those that feel otherwise or as Michael pointed out kill them & instruct others to do so.
If there a second life hope they (cat haters) come back as rats, because that’s what they are.Our purry/furry friends will enjoy playing with them,lol.
A true cat lover,

Mar 06, 2012 We can help feral cats !!
by: Anonymous

Although feral cats have become wild after being abandoned by owners, with lots of patience & love they will get close to humans they know care about these cats. It’s a special joy to learn that a feral cats or cats knows that you want to help/care for them & when that cat gets close to pet them then we know are efforts are not in vain.
Our family has been cat lovers, rescuers & helpers for more than 50 years, our last furry friend Scarlett O’Hair decided to adopt my husband as he went for his daily walk, she was about 5 months old.
She’s a gorgeous Tortie & has become part of our cat loving family.
Cats know very well if you’re a cat lover or not.
Best wishes to all.
Southeast AZ

Feb 07, 2012 Good on you!
by: Barbara

What a lovely story, it’s so nice to read of kindness being shown to feral cats instead of hatred, I hope you have many happy years with your little friends

Barbara avatar

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Feb 07, 2012 To Mrs Z
by: Ruth

How lovely to read of such kind people like yourself and your neighbour.
There seems to have been a lot of hate articles recently towards feral cats and people not wanting them around, even going so far as to kill them and advise others to do likewise.
How those people can live with their conscience I just don’t know.
They reckon TNR doesn’t work, of course it does and your cats are living proof !
I wish everyone was as kind and caring as you.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 07, 2012 Nice
by: Michael

I like your story. I shows how we can have a pleasant and productive relationship with feral cats rather than a war against them.

Thanks for sharing.

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  1. I have ferals. I have about l5 and have helped about ll of them. I have two who have bonded with one another and I am able to get close to them. They are so sweet and loving and I say a prayer for them every nite. I feel if I missed saying that prayer, something would happen to them. It is just part of what I do. I feed them twice a day and sometimes more if I am around. I have put shelter out for them but they love to be in the open or prefer to hide under a bush. If anything happened to them I would be heart broken as I have bonded with these wonderful creatures.

    • You are such a nice person to do this and to pray for your feral cats. I’m very impressed. You really are a genuinely good person and there should be more people like you in the world. Thank you for sharing your experiences on this website. Bless you.


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