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I Love the Sound of Happy Kitty Feet: Do You? — 17 Comments

  1. Rao is our senior marmalade tabby (15) and Buster (6) is a Ragamuffin.NoW Muffins stay playful till at least age 4 and Buster still is. He’s always trying to entice Rao into playing and it often works! Two things I enjoy most: they take turns respectfully with the laser pointer and I love Buster’s crouch/shimmy/pounce.

  2. Although our “Kittens” will be 9 years old in August, they are still kittenish. We enjoy the thunder of feet thought he house here. Each day we have the mad rush to the cat enclosure door and then the scramble as they force their way through the cat door two at a time. We also are given a Fancy Feet show each night as the cats do laps through the house being chased by whatever invisible critter is chasing them. Lately the cats have enjoyed playing with our twin goat kids. They love to play bop a kid and they are always gentle. I love the sound of “Happy Feet.” Thanks Jo .

  3. Ah, yes, The International Cat Races. I know Pancho is recovering from his dental surgery because he and Cisco have been tearing around the house. (usually at night when I am trying to sleep, often using me as a springboard to and from the floor or windowsill) This is often followed by the WWCW–World Wide Cat Wrassling match with many cries of, “Mom! He bit me!” “He bit me first!” etc. Love them. The Simon’s Cat was a good one I hadn’t seen before, Jo. Thanks.

    • Elizabeth,

      I am thrilled that Pancho is recovering nicely, and is now tearing around the house again.

      Don’t you love being a feline diving board? It is so wonderful when our cats get better and once again drive us crazy and keep us awake with their amazing antics. I can’t think of anything more comforting zzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. It’s like a marathon every morning here after breakfast.
    What can be climbed is climbed, what can be chased is chased (even a dust ball), what can be screeched at is screeched at, what can be pulled down is pulled down…
    Not a pitter patter; it’s a stampede.
    But, then, they all fall out from expending so much energy, and mom can have some time.

  5. I just love the way you write, Jo! And I agree! Cats running and chasing each other DO sound like a herd of wild horses. I borrow a term from well known trainer/behaviorist Brian Kilcommons and say my kitties are “FRAP”ing. Frenetic Random Activity Period. And I just LOVE the Simon’s Cat video! How true!!

  6. I gotta thank you, Ruth for sharing that video with me. It not only made my day a lot more cheery- remembering those kittens and the galloping sounds they made was a breath of fresh air.

    Thanks again! I love his videos- he is obviously such a kitty devotee.

  7. Our boyz don’t do it very often but when they do it’s like thunder as they gallop around the house.
    I love Simon’s cat videos, the sound effects on this one are wonderful, his running feet and the sound of the cat flap, it’s all just so amusing.

  8. well as i got a kitty here its so much fun. its so great seeing jasmin chasing ozzie and ozzie chasing jasmin they been play fighting alot. Really good to see a great article.

  9. I agree Jo. I am so very happy when mine are chasing eachother around. It gets pretty intense too – but it makes me happy – they are working off energy ad having some fun. I love when they play fight ad chase each other – it’s the best.

    It’s even better and more perfect when they are doing all this outside in the long grass 🙂

    • toally its been a joy seeing jasmin playing with ozzie and now withi the others. hes been enjoying going outside for small amounts. such a joy.

      • When I see cats playing, it makes me smile and it makes me happy. You can’t buy happiness, it is very precious and therefore when cats give me this they give me something extremely precious which is another reason why looking after domestic cats is a good thing.

        • exactly michael its the best thing seeing them happy. was supposed to say she. I love domestic cats much more than a predigree they give so much love and dont cost a thing. They deserve alot love and care than people have given them.

      • That’s wonderful kylee! Our cats give us so much pleasure and joy- and we do our best to return it to them a thousand times over!

  10. I love the sound of kittens playing. The only time that I have seen and heard kittens playing was when I was staying at A1 Savannahs in Oklahoma about 4 years ago.

    All the kittens were F2s and very classy kittens. They were playing energetically and at one time 3 of them were sleeping in a hammock in a large cage in the living room with the door open.

    One of the kittens was an F1 and the other 2 were F2s. The F1 was a little bit stronger than the other 2 and playing a little bit too hard which resulted in shrieks of complaint.

    I thought there might be a problem but there wasn’t. Kittens learn how far they can go when playing and naturally stop when told to through a complaint by the receiving kitten.

    I videoed the episode…


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