I love those cats!!!

I love those cats!!!

by Diane

My mother lived in an apartment complex in Arkansas. There are so many cats just abandoned there. There was a gray feral cat, blind in his left eye…my mom said he had been there for 5 years. He was wild and you could not get close to him. Everyone called him Jack. They trapped the cats to get rid of them…they caught Jack and I asked for him.

I brought him to my house in the trap and let him out. I lived in the country and I thought at least he will be able to eat and live even if he is wild. I already had a number of cats that I had brought home that were abandoned.

I put food out on the deck and released Jack. He hid. The next evening he pressed his face against the glass doors. I knew he wanted in. I let him in. He would not let you near him and he would run and seemed to be terrified of black boots. He stayed in the house. 3 months went by and when I would pet one of my other cats..Jack started climbing up on the couch and sitting a distance away, always watching with his one good eye.

I always made sure to move slowly and never approach him from his blind side. I knew he wanted me to pet him too. One day he finally climbed into my lap and looked at me. I moved slowly and petted him for a minute he suddenly hissed and smacked me.

This happened for awhile and finally one day he stopped hissing and smacking me. Whenever I would watch a movie I would put a blanked over me and he would sit with me kneading his paws. He slept on my bed. He let me pick him up and I could feel a broken rib.

I knew he had been so abused. The thought of it torments me to this day. Jack was sickly..he started to drool mucous and spit blood, he began to paw for air when he would eat, and could not eat..I took him to the vet and he had the feline virus. The vet suggested I put him down to end his suffering. He is gone now. It has been a year.

I loved him so much, and he loved me. 2 days after his death, I opened my back door and a lovely white cat, blue eyes, blind in the right eye, just walked right in and called it home. I have her to this day. I have 13 cats..I love them all…they were abandoned, rejected and unwanted..now they will never be abandoned, rejected or unwanted. They are delightful and I am a lucky girl.


I love those cats!!! to Feral Cats

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I love those cats!!!

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Jan 19, 2010 nice story
by: kathy

I love your story. I am grateful for people like you who are able to care for cats and take them in.

Jan 17, 2010 I love those cats!
by: Coco the Hershey Kitty

May you be blessed as you have blessed the lives of Jack and your other kitties. My human Kay and I cried when we read your touching story. Thank you for sharing. Coco & Kay in Benton City WA. USA

Jan 17, 2010 To Diane
by: Ruth

Diane you are truly a cat lover and a very kind person ! You gave Jack some happiness in his life and let him go peacefuly for his own sake.

I have tears in my eyes from reading his story.

Your love and compassion for all those cats shines out through your words.

I admire you very much.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Jan 17, 2010 Moving
by: Michael

A truly moving story. Jack’s story. I can feel the love you had for each other come through your words. This is what cat companionship is all about. This is the way it should always be except for the abuse and neglect early on in Jack’s life.

Thank you, Diane, for sharing. May this page be a memorial to Jack.

I don’t expect that you have a photo. If you have any photos of any of your cats, past or present please email me:


subsituting [at] for @


Michael Avatar

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