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I may have been scammed but I love my Teacup cat — 5 Comments

  1. Some people say I overpaid for my cat, but if I had to do it all over again, I would even pay double. The joy she brings to my life is priceless. Cherish your beautiful Zeus. Wow, his tail is gorgeous, it looks like a boa. And so sorry you lost your new kitten.

  2. We have the same cat it is a red point ,we have 3 cats an blue point red point and chinchillas and we had a knew baby kitty and she died I was so heart broken so my mommy went on to the web site and wanted to buy my one and its a scam!

  3. There’s no such things as “teacup” cats. They are not a breed of cat. Not recognized by the CFA. They are runts, sickly cats. Your comment that the breeder was just breeding smaller Persians and passing them off as teacups is ignorant. Because there is no such thing. You should consider yourself lucky that your kitty grew up to be a regular size. Also maybe buy a book on cat breeds to properly educate yourself and not get scammed in the future.

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