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I prefer funny animated cat gifs to funny cat videos and photos — 6 Comments

  1. I think it makes a difference if the cat is playing and willing to participate but to force cats to ‘perform’ just to make a video is wrong.
    One that stuck in my mind was a newly declawed cat, just home from the vets, bandages still on her mutilated paws. A man and woman were persuading her to walk so that they could film her taking a step then holding her painful paws up in turn. They were laughing hysterically!!!!
    Video clips like that make me cry every time about the cruelty of some people.

    • I am glad I never heard or saw this video you mention Ruth – I’d be in tears. I agree – making a cat perform can be detrimental. It depends – empathy and love have to be there, if not its abusive.

      • I forced myself to watch it so that I could comment but I really don’t know how much more I can take right now of cruel people. I heard such an awful story the other day that some inhumane waste of space did to a cat, that I can’t bear to repeat it to people who love cats, but it’s now another image in my tortured mind.
        I just hope the rotten low life scumbag is caught.
        Sometimes our battle seems hopeless against so much cruelty.

    • I’m glad I didn’t see that video either.
      I would have been furious watching sadists force a pain strickened cat to perform.

      • I was furious and I told them what cruel sadistic low life they are too 🙁
        Honestly Dee if I met any animal abuser at present I swear I’d kill them!

        • I understand completely.
          To me, there is no greater crime than to prey on and harm the helpless, harmless, and vulnerable ones who have just as much right to walk this earth as I do.

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