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I prefer the unneutered male cat appearance — 8 Comments

      • Even if you were mean you’re right. It’s weird as hell. Projecting some sort of uber-masculinity attractiveness standard on cats. Not even his own species.
        He said “I like male cats who look like male cats. I am not being sexist because I also like female cats that look female.” And also saying “I sense that women prefer” unneutered male cat appearances and bringing up that women called an unneutered cat “hansome” as if that means something. Actually sexist

        • Are you sure I am being sexist? You are obviously very woke. Although I respect the woke movement and thoroughly understand the fact that there is a wide spectrum of genders in society. Society is not solely made up of male and females as if the world is black-and-white. But I also respect a person’s natural instincts. I also think that if a male human likes the male appearance in a domestic cat, it should be respected also. It is what makes us human. It is why men are attracted to women and women are attracted to men which is the default situation although of course there are a wide range of alternatives which I, as mentioned, fully respect.

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