I rescued a Burmese cat

I rescued a Burmese cat

I found Tinky in the bushes in my front yard. She was crying terribly. I had never seen anything like her before and I was not even sure she was a cat! Very small, only 5 pounds at most.

When I finally got the courage to pick her up in my arms, she started kissing my nose, over and over and over. My friend told me she was probably a valuable cat who got lost, so I intentionally did not bond with her.

I put an ad in the paper, called every shelter and every vet in the area. No one claimed her! Finally I decided that she was mine. We’ve never looked back.

She’s such a special cat, tons of personality. She is still tiny and we love her, as do our other cats.

Hi.. thanks for sharing. As you can see I have changed the title because it should generate more interest. I have made the presumption, I hope sensibly, that you have rescued a cat that might be a Burmese as your post is under that heading.

Thanks for visiting and sharing. If you have a picture you might like to upload it using the same form.

You might be a little anxious about the possibility of the former “owner” coming forward and claiming ownership. I don’t think that is viable. If a person did come forward I would resist handing Tinky back for Tinky’s sake as she is clearly extremely happy living with you.

I am sure you have a natural affinity for cats and cats recognize it. They recognise a safe person when they smell one!

Tinky being immediately very friendly towards you indicates that.


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I rescued a Burmese cat

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Feb 01, 2012
Cats know cat lovers!!
by: Anonymous

Appreciate your candid response, as mentioned previously our family has/continues to love cats since early 1970, our last rescue occurred as my now late husband was taking a walk around 8PM early fall ’04, a young cat approached & Frank being a cat lover since childhood, picked it up, petted the cat & carefully placed her down,this was at the rear of house, by the time he made to the front to my husband pleasure there it was again but this time with a serious begging cry, Frank placed the cat inside his jacket, walked home & immediately she adopted the family, we named her Scarlett O’Hair Gone With the Wind) this was 10/2004 & Scarlett continues to be part of our family, a gorgeous but NOT moody large spayed Tortie, all our friends love her & she loves us.
As you just read cats DO know who likes cat & who don’t!!

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