I saw a wild fox and my domestic cat together

Yep, I saw a wild fox and my domestic cat together and it happened yesterday. I don’t know how rare or strange or even dangerous this is but it just happened. I couldn’t get a photograph, unfortunately, as it was simply impractical.

It happened after sunset. It was dark but not nighttime. It was the time the urban foxes come out and search for food.

And some of that food was what I had put down for them! Some people won’t like that but it is my choice. A good amount of cat food gets left by my cats. This is the way with commercial cat food it seems to me.

We don’t have a waste disposal so I give it to the foxes – ‘waste not want not’, I was taught. On this occasion Charlie, my three legged cat, decided to eat some of it. The food was just outside my bedroom window on the ground floor about 5 feet from the window and close to the patio door on the grass of the garden.

As he eat it a wild urban fox came up and pushed him out the way and ate the cat food him or herself.

Charlie, Three Legged Cat in Classic Meerkat Stance

Charlie made a grunting noise. He makes a lot of different noises and this one means, ‘Oye what are you doing..!’

Then while the fox ate the waste cat food, Charlie who was about 6 inches from the fox just stood there and accepted it.

Nothing happened that was untoward. All was calm and normal. They both accepted each other completely. In fact the fox accepted Charlie more readily than Charlie’s lady cat companion (my other cat). When the fox had finished he sauntered off. The whole episode took about 3 minutes and the whole time they were close together. I watched it all from the bedroom window.

I had been a bit concerned about foxes attacking domestic cats but that was far from the case. In fact I was quite concerned about Charlie. But then he is large. He is about the size of a small English fox.

I will try and set up some photography as it may happen again. Has anyone got any thoughts about this? Maybe you think that I am crazy!

Michael Avatar

Note: The reason why I told this story is because there is a constant debate on the internet as to whether foxes kill cats. The answer is that it depends on the fox and the cat. If the cat is small and inexperienced and the fox is large and dominant then the fox may kill the cat. Also some fox species are larger than others. They are more likely to kill domestic cats. Some cats are very large. There is a story of two Maine Coon barn cats chasing and killing a fox in the US. The fox tried to kill some kittens and he was chased off and killed. Maine Coons are the largest domestic cat breed.

Conclusion: Large fox and small cat – fox may kill cat. Large cat and smaller fox – fox want kill cat and will probably keep clear.

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I saw a wild fox and my domestic cat together

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May 03, 2011Response to last comment
by: Michael

Charlie goes out and stays close to the home. Yes, there is some danger but that comes with a more natural and healthy lifestyle. Everything we do is potentially dangerous. We decide where to draw the line.

People in the USA like to keep cats in full-time. People in the UK like to let them out. I believe in compromise. I let them out but supervise and watch etc.

If I perceive danger I act. No one way is perfect, far from it. We created a dangerous world for the domestic cat which makes me think why the hell we keep them!

Full-time indoor living for a cat carries other dangers – health risks due to stress.

May 03, 2011I saw a wild fox and my domestic cat together.
by: Anonymous

What in the world is your 3 legget cat doing outside? You loose you mind? You should not have an animal ever!!!!!

Apr 20, 2010Wild Fox and Domestic Cat…beautiful
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Well Michael, you’ve outdone yourself again. What a wonderful story.

Here in Massachusetts, our city is about 10+ miles south of Boston and we get a lot of different wildlife that saunter through. We are not in the country, but are in a suburban area with lots of trees and well-kept yards with flowers and plants in the neighborhood.

Each morning, after feeding Sadie, I put out wet and dry food for the strays/ferals. I also put out dry cat food for the wild birds who seem to prefer it to the seed. It’s rather amusing to watch the cats eating from their dish, whilst the birds are feeding from theirs within a couple feet from each other, separated only by two feet off the ground.

Any leftover cat food is left for the opossum family that visit at night, around 10pm. Should nothing be in the bowl after sunset, I add a bit more. I haven’t had a scavenger or trash problem in years since leaving the food out. The opossum family feed, then leave as quietly as they’d come. It’s truly a beautiful sight to behold.

Apr 19, 2010Friends
by: Michael

As you might have guessed, I like foxes. I like them because a lot of people dislike them even hate them. They are persecuted. Yet they are just like any other of God’s creatures. We should treat all creatures with respect, whether we find them attractive or not. Whether we like or dislike their behavior. As it happens foxes are generally considered attractive.

I am amongst friends here. But there are, as I said, lots of people with very narrow minded attitudes (from my perspective) towards other animals.Michael Avatar


Apr 19, 2010Foxes are beautiful
by: Dorothy

I’m not sure about where you live, but here in semi-rural California the foxes run free, and have space to roam. However, they are close by – I can see the on the hill behind the house. I have a a blurry picture of a mama fox and her kits on the hill.(I’ll send to Michael). Here are two photos:

Fox and baby

fox and cubs

There are three schools near by. One of the maintenance people who work full time for the schools is a friend to feral cats. She was the lady who had Yellow Cat trapped and neutered. Well, one day last year, she came up to my house to report that black cat (Shadow), my neighbor’s cat, was scrapping in the field with a red fox. She said they were rolling and tumbling like you would see in a Wiley Coyote cartoon… Shadow successfully ran the fox off. I reported this to the neighbor, who later called me and said that shadow came home and was fine. She couldn’t find a scratch on him. Either it wasn’t really Shadow scrapping with the fox or he’s just good at it. lol. Who knows who started the scrap?

Foxes, as far as I can tell, pose no threat to domestic animals here. They keep the ground squirrel population in check, and that’s about it. They are beautiful to look at. Daisy and I walk in the woods and see them often.

I would feed them too, but I’ll just keep feeding Yellow Cat and his friends.


Apr 19, 2010Mad?
by: Tracey

I don’t think you are especially mad, Michael. If you are they we all are to some degree or other!

I think there is Mad and then there’s just the things that people do to make us mad.

Personally I feel for foxes greatly. They are just doing the best they can to survive. I have not heard of foxes attacking cats in fact quite the opposite.

Some years ago my elderly neighbour was woken by a skirmish outside. He looked to see what was the cause only to see my cat Chester chasing a fox off our drive. He said Chester didn’t stop until it was half way down the street! Chester was only a small cat so I don’t know how that works!

Apr 19, 2010foxes
by: Ruth

Does everyone know that if David Cameron gets into power and manages to get the hunting with dogs act repealed, that he also plans to use some legislation to ensure no future government can make the law again ?
This will set our country back by centuries !
I don’t know anything about politics or how he could do this,Babz and I are trying to find out.
I don’t know either how anyone can repeal a law just because they don’t like it.
This is very worrying as most ordinary animal loving people like us, don’t want this law repealed.
What can we do ????????

Kattaddorra signature Ruth</p

Apr 18, 2010urban foxes
by: Anonymous

Foxes aren’t vermin and your story is a really nice different story about foxes. They have been villainised for centuries by the pro-hunt community. Foxes are well equipped scavengers and will often eat insects and earthworms as opposed to killing animals and there is no real evidence to suggest that they would attack domestic pets. This story has made me smile and as someone who is constantly campaigning for foxes it makes me realise that my efforts are not wasted.

Apr 17, 2010Not crazy but sensible and kind
by: Ruth

Michael I think you are right to feed those foxes and if people don’t like it, well tough.

I’d think a hungry fox would be more likely to attack other animals than a well fed one.

I always thought a fox would attack a domestic cat until my friend in Tooting,London(sadly she died a few years back)had foxes in her garden,she too fed them and her 2 cats would sit and watch.

If you are crazy then she was also and I am too lol

People call them vermin but the poor creatures didn’t ask to be born as foxes.

I wish some people were more tolerant and remember ‘There but for the Grace of God, go I’

I’d love to see some photos if you manage to take some.

I love the one of Charlie in the blue square.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth


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  1. Ten years ago we got a dog that because he is a male half Pomeranian & half wild fox the lady could not sell him so our daughter who love rescuing animals told us about him. HE IS NOW HAVING PROBLEMS AND I being a retired nurse would like to know what the body anatomy of a wild fox is, I’m sure it has to be a little different then a dog. Would appreciate an help. God bless, & hugs from ALABAMA

    • Sorry Catherine for nor answering your question almost five years ago. I hope you managed to find an answer. I hope you are well too.


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