I shoot and eat elephants, sliced and fried in butter, brags Australian MP

Elephant hunter and eater: Australian MP Robert Borzak.
Elephant hunter and eater: Australian MP Robert Borzak.
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In his mind, this Australian politician and sport hunter lives in the age of hunter/gathers, a way of life and survival that essentially ended some 10,000 years ago although there are still pockets of it in countries such as Africa. In short his mentality is backward – eons backward.

He says humans have a right to kill animals to eat even them even in the 21st century and even when the animal is the endangered Zimbabwean elephant which is heavily poached which has reduced its population by 75 percent.

The Australian MP is Robert Borsak. As you can see in the photo he proudly kills animals. For me he is a buffoon from a bygone age and he should be sacked.

He said:

“I chose to hunt and gather my own meat because it is my right to do so….”

It is not his right. Things have moved on. We don’t need to hunt to eat in the 21st century. Wildlife is endangered. He just likes killing animals that’s all. There are a lot idiots like him.

He hates animal rights people. He calls them extremist while being blind to his own extreme views:

“Extremist animal rights groups…have far too great a say in public policy….”

He writes on his blog:

“My reflexes took over as the rifle fired the right barrel at six paces from the brain of the giant, he went down, as if in slow motion…I put the second barrel into the top of his head and it was all over…It was awesome.”

As I said, he loves killing animals. And he likes to mask that ugly characteristic by saying it is for food. Really, you are such an….

He says that elephant tastes like venison. He eats elephant fried in butter.

The Intelligent Elephant

Elephants are intelligent. We don’t often realise this and we don’t yet fully understand how intelligent they are or fully inderstand their attitudes and emotions.

A bull elephant in Zimbabwe had been shot in the shoulder. He was clearly in pain. He wandered up a steep, narrow path to the Bumi Hills Safari Lodge, an upmarket place I presume for tourists.

He plonked himself down yards from building where there were people and waited patiently for human attention. It is felt that he was asking for veterinary treatment for his gunshot wound.

He was calm and compliant when treated by a vet who arrived from Harare. He was sedated and the wound cleaned. He was given antibiotics. I doubt whether this was enough but on being revived he calmly went down the narrow path. Later he was seen to be moving more freely. We are not sure the elephant was seeking human medical treatment but it sure as hell looks like that.

“It didn’t storm away in panic like they normally do, it just got up and walked away” (Nick Milne trust manager of the Bumi Hills Foundation).

Well there we are: Clearly Borsak does not see animals I see them; sentient, feeling beings with rights. He sees them as his forebears saw them hundreds of thousands of years ago, as objects to kill and eat. He needs to drag himself into the 21st century and in the meantime get out of politics because this is the sort of idiot who supports mass slaughter of feral cats in Australia.

Source: I shoot and eat elephants, sliced and fried in butter, brags Australian MP

5 thoughts on “I shoot and eat elephants, sliced and fried in butter, brags Australian MP”

  1. So drop the focus on this individual. The trouble here is that he got a permit to hunt an elephant. It doesn’t matter what reason he gives.
    Most countries not have a strict rules about the import of wild animal trophies. The loose end is the ability to get a permit to hunt in the first place.
    It’s easy to focus on this idiot but how many other elephants were shot we haven’t heard about.
    Now to address this idiot on a more personal level. You want to be a hunter gatherer, Hand over your high powered drop anything guns, Thank you. Now here are some rocks and spears, there now. Consider the playing field leveled. Now go hunt that elephant.

    • “The trouble here is that he got a permit to hunt an elephant. It doesn’t matter what reason he gives.”

      I actually agree that. It’s corrupt Zimbabwe which is the underlying cause. However, the corrupt Zimbabwean officials would not be able to make money from sport hunters if there were no sport hunters. They feed on each other.

      • Yes they do but if it’s legal you can be as upset as you want with the sport hunter. While live safaris have replaced the need to do more than shoot a picture for most humans if it’s offered someone is going to take it.
        In some cases the tags per year are based on animal population and the need to cull. Which is a reality since their habitat is encroached on daily. If the government needs to cull then it should be in the hands of game wardens not paid poachers.

  2. This man is mentally ill.
    I’m not sure that I believe that he consumes an elephant that would feed an army.
    I believe that he is trying to justify his trophy hunting.


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