I Still Have My Claws by Furby

I Still Have My Claws by Furby

by Furby the Feral Feline
(Hodges, SC, USA)

Declawing makes me MAD!

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Declawing makes me MAD!

Declawing makes me MAD! My Facebook declawing logo Let's stick it to declawing vets! My new feral look!

Hi everybody! It's Furby. I've been really busy, but I want to talk to everybody about how I feel on declawing a cat. I kinda sorta don't want to write this because I'm afraid the feral cat in me will come out. Oh well, I have to take that chance.

I've been with Mama for almost a year now. November 3 will be my 1 year furever home day. And I still have my claws and always will. Mama promised me.

First of all I want to tell you why I need my claws. I over jump the clothes dryer a lot. And the washing machine. And...um....the stove. Let's not forget the chair pushed against the wall that I have to jump on the top of to get out of the corner. Thank goodness Mama or Sissy is usually there to rescue me. The floor behind the washer is NOT where a cat wants to be trapped! What they don't know is the number of times I've fell behind things and rescued myself-thanks to my claws. There are little hole thingies and grooves behind the washer and dryer and stove and I can hook my claws in them and get myself out of a jam. The chair is easier. Think of how bad it would be if I didn't have my claws and just had to sit there and wait on a rescue! I NEED my claws.

As far as the scratching up the furniture goes, I don't do that. I really don't. Me and my cat mama Lola play all of the time jumping on the furniture. Our favorite game is to go all around the room without getting on the floor. First one couch, then the other, then the dog chair. Oops, I said the "dog" word. Sorry. The thing is we don't put our claws out for this. My little yappy dog critter Darla has done more damage to the couch than we have. Sissy does our claws with that irritating spinning nail filer. I don't like it, but I get a treat for letting Sissy give me a clawicure.

Somebody on Facebook reported this video as abusive. Oops again. Guess I made a declawing vet mad or something. I love to show videos that make those rotten veterinarians mad. Here's the video.

I'd really like to know why people WANT to declaw their cats. They know before they take us home that we have claws. That shouldn't come as any surprise. Do they plan to declaw us all along or do they get talked into it. Is a declawed cat a status symbol like it was in the 1980's? We're in a new century people! If your want to use your cat as a status symbol then put a jeweled collar around our neck. By the way, cat buddies reading this, I can teach you how to get a collar off REALLY fast.

Do you think you're going to impress your friends when they come and visit and see your cat, who is obviously in pain, limping around and who (yipes) goes to the bathroom behind the couch while your friends watch. You're not impressing anyone!

How can you ladies pay to have your nails done and then pay to have half of our toes cut off?! Maybe not half. With the pain and the balance problems you're putting us through it might as well be half.

How can you do that to us? We love you!! Get that through your head. Don't YOU love US? So stop putting us in pain! This is SO avoidable. Get your cat a spinning nail file thingy or a scratching post. Nail a piece of carpet on a board if you can't afford anything fancy. The declawing has to stop or you're going to be sorry! Your cat's are going to stop loving you because you HURT them.

Trust me, we stay away from things that cause us pain.

Don't you realize we never recover from this. It leads to arthritis when we get old. Probably from all the balance problems declawing causes. Ladies, try walking around in 4 inch heels that scrunch your toes day and night for a week and you'll get a wee little taste of how painful it is for a declawed cat to walk.

Don't you know that once my claws are gone I'm stuck in the house with you for the rest of my life. It's not safe for me to go outdoors. I don't like being stuck inside with someone who HURT me!

You'll change my sweet personality too it you declaw me. I'll learn to bite because the claws were how I defended myself and you took them away from me. We LOVE to swipe at each other with our paws.

If I bite you, will you take me to the animal shelter and throw me away? I didn't ask for any of this. All I wanted was to be held and loved and just be a cat.

That means having my claws. If you don't like to hear a dog bark, don't get a dog. If you don't want a cat to have claws, don't get a cat. VERY simple people!! It's not rocket science!!

Oops, sorry!! I'm getting a little on the feral side, but people who declaw cats just plain make me mad. Especially when they can read about it online so a sneaky good-for-nothing, pretending to help cats, money-hungry veterinarian won't talk you into DEFORMING your kitty for LIFE!!

I'm gonna go now before I start using words I'm not supposed to even know.

Thank you Mama, for letting me keep my claws. I know other cats aren't as lucky as I am. I love you Mama and Sissy for taking care of my paws with a pawicure.

Please take a minute to go to Facebook and join my group at Declawing Veterinarians Should Be Blacklisted.


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I Still Have My Claws by Furby

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Nov 08, 2010 Our advice
by: Walt and Jo

Furby our advice is to stay single as lady cats are nothing but trouble. But if you do get a yes from Ms Attitude we'd love to be your best men at your wedding.

Nov 06, 2010 Marriage
by: Furby

Ms Attitude still hasn't answered my marriage proposal.......

Hi Ozzie! Hi Alfie! I'm eating creamed corn now!

Nov 06, 2010 Your mammy is one of the good guys
by: Leah (England)

Hey Furby!

Its Ozzie and Alfie here!

We have our claws too because our mom tells us that our well being and happiness mean more to her than a piece of furniture.

Your mammy loves you and when you love your cat you would never ever inflict awful pain on them.

We're the lucky ones, Furby.

So long!

Nov 05, 2010 Anonymous you are so right !
by: Walt and Jo's mammie Ruth

Anonymous you are so right ! But you can have cats and nice furniture too by providing them with their own furniture,which are scratching posts and pads.

It's sheer selfishness and laziness for anyone to have a cat declawed rather than teach him to use his own furniture if they don't want theirs used.

It's so wrong to be able so easily to have a little kitten crippled for life.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Nov 05, 2010 De-Clawing. Disgusting & Cruel!!
by: Anonymous

I have been around cats and dogs all my life and have always believed in, to a certain extent, in letting animals do what they naturally want to do.

Cats naturally want to put their claws into things so if it is not a prized piece of furniture then that is ok.

There are plenty of sprays around that stop cats from clawing certain objects so WHY OH WHY would someone want to do such a cruel thing to a cat. I know.

It is just to make it more convenient for the cat owner. If a person doesn't like what comes naturally to a cat, DONT KEEP A CAT.

Nov 02, 2010 Ms. Attitude
by: Furby

This is Furby. Will you cat marry me? We can come up with ways together to torture vets who declaw.

Nov 02, 2010 From another ex-feral kitty
by: Ms. Attitude

Heh, I don't think the vets need to walk around in high heels. I think they need to have THEIR toenails removed. THEN they need to walk around in high heels.

Nov 02, 2010 Furby
by: Joyce Sammons

Quit sneaking into my phone to text your comments. The computer is yours. The phone is MINE. I know you did it because most of the comment was in small letters.

And yes, I agree declawed cats from shelters need a good home. They've been through so much they need someone who's going to love them.

Nov 02, 2010 Or..
by: Anonymous

If you insist on getting a declawed cat, please adopt/rescue one from a shelter or rescue organization. Most rescues/shelters have kitties that have already been declawed by their cruel owners :(. I adopted one of these cats (because of her personality) and she already has issues at age 2 🙁 Very very sad indeed that we mutilate aniimals for our own convenience.

Nov 01, 2010 My dog critter's claws
by: Elisa Black-Taylor

You should see when sissy gets ahold of my yappy little dog critter Darla with the spinning file things. She sounds like you're killing her before sissy ever turns it on. Dogs can be such scardy cats. Opps...I'm bad...

Lola likes the cardboard in the turbo scratcher. I'm the only one who gets a clawicure.

Nov 01, 2010 I Still Have My Claws by Furby
by: BJ

I can't imagine how it feels to a cat to get around without claws. I broke a fingernail so far back that the whole nail came off. I was almost helpless trying to do things with my one finger and it hurt a lot.

Cats were born with claws, and should be able to keep them. I agree with you Furby the vets should have to walk around in high heal shoes that pinch their toes.

Declawing any animal shoul be a crime with punishment jail time. You go Furby, I love you and will see you soon with a big surprise.

Nov 01, 2010 Claw trimming
by: Snow White, Denmark

Greetings, Furby. You are so right - we cats need our claws for all kinds of things! Those American surgeons should try having their own fingertips removed - that surely would prevent them from molesting more cat paws, when they can't hold the scalpel anymore!

Anyway, when I was adopted from the shelter two years ago one of the things I didn't like about my new home was having my claws trimmed with a clipper. Problem was that my humans tried to hold me like a baby like they do with Norwegian Milly, who is as complaisant as a dog. And I'm not into that lap thing at all!

But since they let me sit on my own feet on the table, I have no problem allowing them to trim my claws anymore. It only takes a couple of minutes, does not hurt - and once it's done there's always an extra treat.

Love from Snow White, Denmark

Nov 01, 2010 Balance
by: Furby

I don't know how declawed cats balance. I'm VERY clumsy and I have my claws.

Still wish those stupid declawing owners would have to wear heels until their toes were blistered and bloody and see how their cat feels!

Nov 01, 2010 We are glad you do
by: Walter and Jozef

Furby you were very lucky to go and live with a nice lady who knows purr-fectly well that we cats need our claws. Some people in your country would purr-haps have had a cruel person to take your your precious little toe ends off you before you even had the chance to hardly use them.

We often say to each other how glad we are to be born in a country where no one thinks taking cats claws away is a good thing to do.

Mind you when we were born 9 years ago it was still legal here but so unthinkable that nobody would have ever done it to any kitten.

One of our mammies used to work for vets and they would not ever purr-form it, we think they would not even do it for a million pounds because they are there to keep us well and not to cripple us.

However do the purr cats with no toe ends balance and how do they exercise, we loves to dig our claws in and have a good old s...t...r...e...t...c...h.

How do they play with catnip mice we wonder and does it not feel horrible crocheting without needles? We loves to do that on soft materials and purr loudly and it tells the mammies how happy we are.

We are very glad you are helping to tell everybody in the whole world about it, we are sorry you couldn't think up a poem but you are obviously an article writer instead.

Nov 01, 2010 Hi Furby
by: Michael

It is nice to have you back, Furby. The voice of Furby is powerful in the fight against declawing. Thank you Furby..You're The Man...

I am shocked to hear that declawing was a "a status symbol" as you say, Elisa. This shows a deplorable lack of sensitivity towards companion animals. I don't know where this comes from in the US. The people of America are essentially Europeans, well most of them are the grandchildren etc. of European immigrants and Europeans don't declaw. What happened to change them?

It must be the vets promoting it for financial profit but most people believe that the reason is a combination of insensitive/ignorant cat ownership and greedy vets in about equal measure.

Michael Avatar

Nov 01, 2010 Furby is correct
by: Joyce Sammons

Back in the 1980's in the U.S. it WAS a status symbol for you cat to be declawed. I remember going to adopt a cat and the shelter workers talked about declawed cats in much the same way a car dealer brags about custom features on a car.

I took home the cat who reached through the cage bars and tapped me on the shoulder while I was talking to the shelter worker. And the little female named Bandit was NOT a declawed cat and I'll never declaw a cat.

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