I Think I Have a Savannah Cat

by Abby

Savannah cat?

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Savannah cat?

I think I have a Savannah cat… He is only 5 months old but has exhibited odd behaviors and is large for his age. He is very wild like, loves water, and has hissed before. His meow is also odd. He looks just like one but I guess I just can’t believe that I got him from a pet store in Georgia for free!

Hi Abby: Thanks for sharing. He could well be a Savannah or a mixed Savannah/moggie. He’s almost certainly a tabby random bred cat (a moggy).

However, sometimes people give up the wildcat hybrids because of perceived behavioral problems. Another lady picked up a stray cat that has all the appearance of being a Sokoke a rare purebred cat. Or the cat she found and now cares for might be a Bengal or Savannah mix (this is her submission). It is not, it seems that rare for this too happen. There is also such a thing as purebred rescue as I am sure you know….Michael (P.S. I changed the title so Google might find this page better. Hope you don’t mind).

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I Think I Have a Savannah Cat

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Dec 27, 2010 i cant tell if my cat is a savannah cat or bengal
by: Anonymous

hello i just got this cat for free he thinks a bengal but im not sure so here is some pictures and she does kind have that wild side you can tell she is not your typically cat but she is very loving and jumps into your knees and a very loud meow and hisses alot for no reason… i hope you can tell me what i have

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    • Hi Louise. Sorry for the slow response. He looks like a standard tabby cat to me. Very handsome, very special and loved. The last bit is the important bit 🙂

      It is very unlikely that he is a Savannah cat because they are very expensive and don’t find themselves in a position where they need to be rescued and also there’d be a certificate of family lineage certifying that he is purebred. Finally, although Savannah cats are tabbies they are a bit different because of selective breeding. Sorry if I have disappointed you. Thanks for asking.


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