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  1. Hi I rescued a male cat and I would like your opinion on his breed, he is an amazing boy very special to us

    • Hi Louise. Sorry for the slow response. He looks like a standard tabby cat to me. Very handsome, very special and loved. The last bit is the important bit ๐Ÿ™‚

      It is very unlikely that he is a Savannah cat because they are very expensive and don’t find themselves in a position where they need to be rescued and also there’d be a certificate of family lineage certifying that he is purebred. Finally, although Savannah cats are tabbies they are a bit different because of selective breeding. Sorry if I have disappointed you. Thanks for asking.

    • Hi Abby making chirping sounds is normal for any domestic cat, really. He looks like a very fine spotted tabby random bred cat and therefore not a member of a cat breed. That’s my guess from the picture. He has a beautiful coat.

        • I think you are referring to the tabby ‘M’ mark. This is normal for all tabby cats and the Egyptian Mau is a tabby cat. The point to make is that if a cat is purebred the ‘owner’ will know because she’ll have a pedigree to prove it. Sometimes rescue cats are pedigree cats but rarely. There are also lots of pedigree-mix cats – one removed from being purebred. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello! We just recently rescued this beautiful cat and her four newborn kittens! I’m just curious as to what bred she may be. I’ve only had for a few days so we are still getting to know each other, but so far she is very friendly! Any thoughts on what she could possibly be linked to, if anything? Thanks!

    • Hi Kerri, she is a tabby random bred – probably a mackerel tabby but I can’t see her coat fully to be sure. She looks like my cat. The mackerel tabby is the original domestic cat. The one that goes all the way back 10,000 years to the first domestic cats. Thanks for sharing.

  3. last week we bought a kitten, 9 weeks old. The lady seemed suspicious, not very nice, besides selling kittens cheaper than usual, she sent her little daughter to show us the kitten. No paperwork of course.. but she claimed it’s a pure F5 Savannah cat.
    So I wonder, is it a real Savannah? Whether he is or not we still love him regardless. just curious. this is our first time buying a cat.

    • Hi Juliett, thanks for visiting and asking. Your cat could be an F5 Savannah cat. Savannahs have spotted tabby coats. The coat looks a bit too long. Without papers showing pedigree you have to say your cat is a tabby cat. A very beautiful cat.

      Below is a picture I took of an F2 (second filial) Savannah cat that I took years ago. You can see the similarity. But I can’t say if he/she is a Savannah cat or not based on this nice photo).

  4. Hello,
    I just adopted this kitten with a beautiful coat. Iโ€™m courious what may be in his genes. Would you say he is a spotted tabby, Ociat mix or could he have some Bengal? Iโ€™m very curious to hear your comments.

    • Hi Nuria. He is a special looking spotted tabby cat because of the very high contrast pattern. You only get this sort of contrast with selective breeding usually. I would guess he could be a Bengal mix. Bengal breeders like high contrast and glamor coats which is what he has. The small wild cats have high contrast coats. A super looking cat and tabby coats like this are unusual. Thanks for posting.

  5. My neighbors own and operate a junkyard of sorts, and received a call about an abandoned van. They picked it up and towed it away. When they opened it up, this beautiful cat was inside! She’s really thin and malnourished but so sweet and curious. Vocal too. I Think she may be a Savannah mix, what do you think?

    • She looks like a purebred Bengal cat to me. She is not a Savannah because of the doughnut rosettes (hollow tabby spots). She’s certainly a Bengal and quite valuable (nice example and complies with breed standard as far as I can tell). Love her and care for her. She looks super. How they abandoned her like this is beyond me. Thanks Stephanie.

      • Thank you so much! I wasn’t sure, but she looked very special to me. I also can’t fathom how anyone could leave this sweet girl! Believe me, she will be loved and cared for. She has her furever home now! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. Can anyone comment on my cat? We got him as a kitten at a shelter and he and his sister had been rescued with no mother cat in sight. I always thought he was a little bit wild and one day I saw a picture of a black serval cat and thought it looked like him. The more I investigated I truly felt like he was a Savannah cat. Does anyone have an opinion? Thanks

      • Hi Jenni, he has an interesting coat. He is not a Savannah cat and has no Savannah cat genes in my opinion. He is a random bred cat but his coat is unusual. The photo is not quite good enough in terms of clarity to comment fully on the coat. As to body conformation he is pretty standard random bred. Many thanks for sharing by the way.

          • Jenni, I’ll stick my neck out and say that I believe he is a melanistic tabby. In other words he has a gene that makes his tabby coat charcoal black, the same gene that makes the jaguar and leopard black panthers. That’s my guess. Bobcats and servals can also be melanistic.

            • I just wanted to update you on my cat. We got him genetic testing to identify breed and believe it or not he is highly correlated with a Peterbald. The secondary cat, which is much less correlated is Maine Coon. I thought you may be interested in that finding because of his unique coat. The third breed is Oriental Shorthair and there are a few others. Thanks!

              • Thanks Jenni. He has an unusual coat. Very unusual actually. To me he looks like a melanistic tabby. You are the first person I know who has had a genetic test done on their cat. Interesting result by the way. And thanks again for telling me.

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