I think Kyrie-Bee is a Tiffanie

by Jo Haywood
(West Yorkshire)


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I have a black cat, semi-long haired, I got her from a rescue centre 18 years ago, at 5 weeks (they told me she was 9 weeks old, but the vet informed me she was no more than 5).

Having seen the pictures of Arthur, I am convinced she is of this breed. She is mostly black but like arthur in the sun has that chocolate hue, a very fluffy ruff/bib that seems to go a lighter chocolate in the summer, and when she was little, she went grey under her belly, and almost raccoon rings around her tail in grey - much like one of the submitted pictures; that has all long since gone.

She has a skinny tail which is very fluffy indeed, but her coat is kind of silky - it doesn't really knot like Persians do.

She is extremely affectionate, very chatty with a loud meow, and needs lots of attention. A very fussy eater, she loves fish, especially warm.

I am from the Isle of Man although my cat was from South Shields near Newcastle, and so her name is "Manx", named after my dad's boat - Kyrie meaning little lamb, and Bee stands for Betty, my late mothers name.


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I think Kyrie-Bee is a Tiffanie

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Jul 04, 2011
Exactly like mine
by: Anonymous

Hey there!!!

The description you made of him as a kitten, it's just how my kitten looked like when she was little. She had grey in her stomach and looked like smoke color in the light... not totaly black. I was wondering if you might have kept a picture of your cat when it was a kitten so we can maybe trade it...



Nov 16, 2009
by: Samone, Queensland. Australia

I had a cat that looks just like these cats. I never knew what breed she was. I got her from my sister as a present. She was free to good home from a family on the Mornington peninsula in Victoria. She was 8 weeks old or so when I got her.

If i ever get another cat it will be the same type as princess. She was very loyal and affectionate with me. She did not care much for anyone else.

Very gentle cat and easy to care for. I don't know if i will ever get one as good as princess but, if it is the breeds nature then I may have a chance.


Oct 27, 2009
Not sure
by: Anonymous

I am not sure that Kyrie-Bee is a Tiffany but I am sure that it is a very nice story, Kyrie-Bee is very attractive and I love the name. Thanks for telling us the story.

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