I think my cat child is a Tiffany! Fluffy and black!

by Lindsay
(Lakewood, WA USA)

I'm not flat, I'm fluffy :)

I'm not flat, I'm fluffy 🙂

I adopted Cubby in September 2007. He's a large black cat, with longer fur, and a fluffy, plumed tail. He has deep gold eyes. He's a very vocal cat and loves to play. If his food dish is empty, and I'm still in bed, he will pester me by walking on me, jumping on me and laying near my head and purring very loudly.

He's a very affectionate kitty who is at first a bit skittish of new people but will soon grow to know them and be friendly to them as he is to me. Under his front legs (in the "armpits") he has some lighter grayish fur.

He loves being brushed and groomed, and even lets me bathe him in my kitchen sink. I have attached a photo of Cubby and I really hope that this Tiffany breed is his breed.


Hi Lindsay.... Thanks for popping by and talking about Cubby.

There are quite a few visitors who have cats that could be Tiffanys. Of course this breed was developed from random bred cats, cats for example that were like Cubby.

So Cubby has some of the characteristics of a Tiffany but and this is the problem, you need certificates (documentary) evidence that a cat is a purebred cat of any kind.

Of course there may be some certificates for Cubby but if not, as random bred cats are far more common than purebred and cats (less so in the USA), it is most likely that your lovely cat is a random bred cat but we can't be sure.

I made a post on this subject: What Breed is My Cat?

I think my cat child is a Tiffany! Fluffy and black! to Tiffany Cat

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I think my cat child is a Tiffany! Fluffy and black!

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Dec 27, 2009
Me too
by: Jan Plant

What a wonderful cat! Thanks for sharing his photo! Whether he is a Tiffany or not he's sterling! And I concur with him! I'm not fat, just fluffy! LOL!

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  1. Jody says:

    Your fur baby looks and sounds like mine but Midnite is female. She is so much fun and company for me glad I adopted her.

  2. ed says:

    Absolutely ! He looks just like my cat.Spec’s will be two in late March early April this coming year.

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