I Want Totally Palatable Pet Pills Now

It might be different in other countries but in the UK I am yet to see a truly palatable pet pill! When pet medication is given orally in the form of a pill and it is extremely difficult to administer it is more likely that the medication will not be given or that it will be given late. The bottom line is that unpalatable pet pills work against companion animal welfare.

Giving a cat a pill
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In short, the ease of administering oral medication to companion animals has a significant impact upon companion animal welfare. The palatability of a pill is dependent upon its smell, texture, size, shape and taste.

I have nearly always had to give my cat a pill with the aid of a pill gun. Very rarely has he eaten a pill when hidden within his food. It is amazing how cats are able to detect even the smallest pill within even the most tasty of pet foods or treats. They will eat around it or ignore the food. You’re left with a pill in the middle of a bowl with all the food eaten.

Pharmaceutical companies know that when medication is palatable there is an increased compliance. This should mean that more pills are bought and used. Therefore it would seem to be in the interests of pharmaceutical companies to provide pills that are as palatable as possible.

Although I administer pills to my cat with the aid of a pill gone, in general, cat owners normally find it very challenging to give their cat a pill. I am sure that some or many cat owners take their cat to their vet for him or her to administer the medication. Would this be a reason why pet pills are still often unpalatable to pets?

It should be very easy for cat owners to give medicine to their cat in the form of a pill. It often is not.

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  1. Here in the US, we have a pill pocket that is soft enough to wrap the pill in, hand the thing to the cat and watch him (or her) eat it. It comes in two or three flavors for finicky palates. I have only had one pet that refused the pill pocket (and he was a dog). My oldest kitty has been on budesonide for many years-pancreatitis and IBD-and I went bats trying to find something that was to her liking. She has been taking her pill in 1/2 of a pill pocket every day for going on 4 years.

  2. I’ve learned to swoop, wrap , pill and let go.
    Medications that would taste good and the tuna flavored bup for the kits after their spay was no fun either keep a pet from gobbling pills or syrups should they get into it.

    You can’t talk a cat into it so you might as well find a way to do it quickly. Veterinarians have less issues because they don’t mess around or have the emotional attachment. All of them will show you how to dose your pet.


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