I wanted a Turkish Angora but adopted an orphan instead

I wanted a Turkish Angora but adopted an orphan instead

by Corinne

This is

This is "Wow"

His name is Wow and that is what best describes him. I wanted a Turk but adopted an orphan instead...except the orphan turned out to be a Turk! Wow. No papers of course but all the characteristics: long ears, paws and body, loves water, athletic and graceful as a ballerina.

Smart as a whip, teases the dogs, pounces on me gently doesn't cuddle very much but is always nearby. Truly a Wow cat!

Tiger stripes on back and white in front. The markings on his front paws form a heart when he sits in a certain way...His tiger fur is silky and his white fur is as cloud soft as cashmere. His ears are tufted like a lynx and his voice is soft and expressive... No words describe him as well as simply Wow!

Update 5th Jan 2010...

Possible Turkish Angora cat a very special cat
Wow with 'heart' on front paws

Little Wow is growing up and looks more and more like a Turk. My vet says he may be a 'Napoletano' Turk (meaning a 'pirate copy'...). I'll keep posting updates.


Hi Corinne.... I took the great liberty of changing the title to a much longer one from your own words that sums up what is right about adopting a cat. Well done. He is a WOW...Michael

I wanted a Turkish Angora but adopted an orphan instead to Turkish Angora cat

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I wanted a Turkish Angora but adopted an orphan instead

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Jan 09, 2010 Unique markings
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Corrinne. Those heart shaped markings are unique indeed. I agree with what Lisa says about his roots, but you have nevertheless adopted a cat with a remarkable look. And a good cat too it seems.

Not all cats are cuddlers, but the fact that he always stays nearby shows that he enjoys your company a lot.

Finn Frode avatar

Dec 31, 2009 I'm laughing my head off!
by: Joyce Sammons

WOW is beautiful. Keep everyone updated with the story. I want to see more pictures. My Furby is the same way. A clown and he loves the camera

Dec 30, 2009 Adopting An Orphan
by: Lisa James


Congratulations on adopting your orphan! What you have is a darling domestic medium hair. These characteristics you describe are typical medium hair cat characteristics, but it doesn't make him a TA. They are a very rare breed, & it is impossible that he is a purebred anything. I have pedigreed Turkish Angoras, & I also run a cat rescue. My personal "best girl" is a going on 5 year old domestic medium hair that I got when she was a 2 week old orphan. She had the same silky soft fur you describe, but her mother was a feral that abandoned her, & her father was a traveling salesman! She's not a TA by any stretch, but she is my heart. There's NO shame in calling your cat what he really is, which is a wonderful, beautiful, rescued domestic medium haired baby!

Dec 30, 2009 Wow is right
by: Jan Plant

I just love this photo.And the story with it!Welcome.

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