by Christina Anderson
(Corning, NY …USA)

Why aren’t cats sterilized in the same way as humans? The methods employed for humans are less invasive.

I am totally against de-clawing any cat & will never change that view. No, I have no experience on it, nor do I ever plan on it in the future. My concern goes a bit deeper.

I am a 40+years owner, rescuer, re-homer of cats. I really believe in spaying / neutering & do All that I deal with; BUT I wish they would change how it is done!

They should do sterilization on cats the SAME WAY HUMANS are done! The cats go into instant menopause & within ten years they go through weight issues, excess skin sagging from their bellies & develop older age related PROBLEMS!

I really feel that this is a problem & it should be changed. I also feel that all cat food should have all GRAINS removed because cats are meat eaters!

Grains are causing cats to develop diabetes.


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Mar 05, 2012 ALL cats must be neuter/spayed @ early age !! NEW
by: Anonymous

After reading your comments on how (actually it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s done humanely & safely) female/male kittens MUST be spayed/neuter

before they’re 6 months old (average age to procreate (reproduce)that’s a major reason for such large number of cats becoming feral, also when a cat is spayed/neuter health benefits are many such as males don’t roam, spray not fight; females are not apt to get ovarian/breast cancer, gaining weight is simply us feeding them TOO much food. Cats live a longer/healthier life. The main & most important benefit is no more kittens to multiply & multiply, lets remember this

A female & male cats will reproduce VERY quickly with those kittens either being euthanized, killed by cars, disease or humans.

Feral cats problem is ours, we must be responsible for out furry friends, there’s no reason/excuse not to.


Mar 04, 2012 spaying female cats NEW
by: Valerie

Hi Christini, I think they have changed the way they do the girls here in the UK, as my older cat is just as you say with a saggy belly and now a heart condition, but the 2 younger ones dont have this and I was told that they do more like keyhole surgery.I feel much the same as you about vets they just charge the earth. When I saw on a site that dry food is no good for them I looked on food pouches for ingredients but there are none and the money that is made well !! Valerie

Mar 04, 2012 so many cats NEW
by: Rose

The trouble is there are so many cats,that vets maybe think they aren’t worthy of intricate operations rather than simply whipping out their sexual organs.So their future lives aren’t as valued as humans are.

There’s too many humans too of course but they have their rights,animals only have us to fight for their rights and there’s never enough of us.

There is probably scientists in labs right now experimenting on thousands of cats trying to make them be born clawless and sterile.

Frightening thought!

Mar 04, 2012 My thoughts NEW
by: Ruth

I’d think cats are castrated or spayed in the way that they are by the removal of their testicles or uterus and ovaries because those organs could cause future health problems if only tied off as humans organs are when they are sterilised.

Also it would be a more complicated operation taking time and expertise and we all know most vets like to make as much money as they can these days.

Maybe in the future when/if animal life is valued as much as human life is, more care and thought will go into their future physical welfare.

I hope so!

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Mar 04, 2012 First time NEW
by: Michael

Hi Christina, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have never heard of your proposal before, which is why I find interesting.

Human males have the “snip”. A simple operation that prevents sperm from entering the semen (seminal fluid). Why are cats castrated (testicles removed)? Why can’t they have the snip too?

I don’t know the answer to that other than it would be a more expensive operation. Maybe it is not possible but a cat’s anatomy is very similar to human anatomy.

Female humans are also sterilized in a much less invasive way, it seems to me.

I think you have made a very good point.

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