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Yes, the title is from a Reddit post of a picture of a cat inside a sofa. The person who found the cat said: “Bought a couch from Craigslist, heard noises coming from it after bringing it home. Cut it open and found a cat”.

Cat inside sofa
He bought a sofa and got a cat and a sofa. Photo: Reddit.com
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Now, I find that hard to believe. It seemed bizarre but the more I thought about it the more feasible it seemed. The story may have happened this way:

A person with a cat advertises her sofa on Craigslist. On the hour of the day the man comes around to collect his second-hand sofa the woman’s cat (but see alternative scenario below) creeps inside the sofa which is a bit worn out and has a hole in the lining at the back. The cat has been using this as a sleeping place for a while without the owner being aware of it. The man takes away his sofa. When he gets home and positions it in the correct place after a bit of fiddling around, he hears a meow from somewhere in and around the sofa. He narrows down the source of the meowing and decides that it is coming from inside the sofa. He has to cut it open but as there is a hole there anyway it is no big deal. He sees the cat and takes the photo you see on this page.

Alternative scenario: the cat is a stray who has crept into the home and gone inside the sofa. Even more likely: the sofa was placed outside the home on the porch or in the garage for storage as it was no longer needed. There was access to it from the outside and this cat, who looks very much like a like a stray, made a home out of the inside of the sofa. The owner was blissfully unaware of the cat.

The title to this post comes from a commenter who works in the removals business. He has seen cats inside sofas before 🙂 .

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