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I would like to know why my cat died of diabetes — 1 Comment

  1. I want to recommend a book called “The Natural Cat, the Comprehensive Guide to Optimum Care” printed in 2008, by Anitra Frazier. In this book, and others, I’ve read that “free feeding” (dry food) causes all kinds of problems. Hopefully most of us cat guardians are learning that dry food is not a healthy way to go. A cat can be transitioned to a good quality wet food by topping it with the dry that they are “addicted” to.

    They’re addicted because of the “animal digest” sprayed on, like sugar on dry cereal.

    A cat who has food available all the time can’t help but develop all kinds of problems: obesity, FUS, diabetes, and many others.

    We are so worried that our cats will go hungry that we shorten their lives with too much food!

    This is not meant as blame; I’ve done the same things, not knowing any better. Education is the key. Love means Learning…..

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