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I Would Love To Adopt a Teacup Kitty — 8 Comments

  1. I would like to know how much the teacup cats sell for . I would love to buy one please email me and give me the prices for one

    • Hi Sheron, I presume that you live in America. I have visited teacup kitten breeder websites this morning searching for “teacup cat for sale” (try it) and I don’t really like what I see. Teacup cats can weight 7 pounds which is actually a small cat. Don’t be fooled. And they always show photos of kittens not adult cats. Also they don’t quote prices or allow you to visit their cattery. So, all in all, I would not bother. If you are sure you want to go ahead contact them from their websites and ask some questions but I don’t think you’ll be buying a tiny adult cat, more likely a smallish Pesian at a high price. Also there sometimes health problems with runtish cat. Beware. Good luck Sheron.

  2. Hey Michael you too have a Merry-X-Mas @ a healthy & Happy New Year.!
    I’d like to buy TEACUP kitten. If you have or know of any for sale please contact me.
    Also your price and photos.
    THANKYOU very much.Wayne

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