I’d love a teacup cat!! :D .

I’d love a teacup cat!! šŸ˜€ .

by Marielle


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For the past 8 years i would have loved a small cat. when i was 10 my family went on a vacation to Philippines. me and my cousins found a small kitten out in the streets, this little boy tossing around probably a 2 week old kitten meowing like crazy and i guessed he stole it, because their was no mom cat in sight.

my cousins knew i always wanted a cat so they bought it (a real cheap price too). i knew all about cats and feed kitcat (my cats name) warm milk (not dairy of course) and cleaned him with a warm towel... some might think all kittens are nice and clean, but no.

I made kitcat a little box to sleep in and played with him every hour (while feeding him 6 times a day).

I took him everywhere. he was like my baby to me and i was like is mom to him. a week later his eyes were halve open!! šŸ˜€ . Sometimes i wasn't home, and i always felt worried sick. when my mom found out i had a cat she almost screamed. Her thought of cats were dirty, stinky animals that always had kittens.

She let me keep it as long it is never near her. I sometimes also found little black rocks on kitcat's fur. I hope that wasn't fleas. Another halve week later kitcat's eyes were fully open and he learned to jump out of his box.

Kitcat's not trained to GO to the litter box, so i have to change his bedding every single day. He's only a kitten, what can a 10 year old do for her first cat? A few days later my family had to go to another part of Philippians so i left kitcat with my aunt.

5 days later when i came back my aunt told me kitcat was dead! She said he died of illness but if he did i would have been sick. Kitcat died on April 28. i don't want to replace kitcat, I just want a small cat in America.

my mom says cats in America are to expensive (true) but I'm willing to have one (like a teacup cat). i have been visiting 25 websites in how to better care for a cat. i know millions of people do. so... if there's a cheap teacup cat for sale plz reply


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I'd love a teacup cat!! šŸ˜€ .

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Jun 13, 2011
I'd love a teacup cat
by: Kay @ Serenity Farms WA. USA

I can see you really love cats, but I would suggest you confirm with your parents since you seem to live in their home about having a new cat. Sometimes parents can give valuable insight as to the needs your new kitty would reguire and they might even be interested in going to a shelter with you and learning about the cats. If you include them in your quest you might just find your perfect tiny cat at a shelter just waiting for someone like you to love and care for it. Maybe the liberary is close to you so you can check out books on the care of cats too. Good luck to you. Kay and COCO the Hershey kitty @ Serenity Farms

Jun 05, 2011
by: Michael

I find your story sad actually. Your little cat died suddenly. It seems unlikely because he was not apparently ill before you went away.

The picture you uploaded is a Scottish Fold kitten. Is this Kitcat? It seems unlikely judging by the photo and the fact that this is possibly a purebred cat.

Anyway, teacup cats are expensive - true teacup cats that is. Don't be fooled by people saying that they have a teacup cat to sell when in fact the cat is a kitten that will grow to be a normal size.

Your best bet is to go to a rescue center or shelter and see if you can find a small moggie that needs a human carer.

And make sure you can cope financially etc. Proper cat care is not that cheap as you know Your mom should be on your side too, as you seem to live with your parents and it would be very difficult to have a cat in the house unless your mom fully accepts him or her.

Good luck though. You obviously love cats.

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