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Identifying Cat Breeds — 12 Comments

  1. I was told my kitten was Manecoon/Manx mix but friends have said it looks like a mix of something else, can you help me ? He is 2 months old

    • Hi Jennie, thanks for showing me your cat. He looks like my cat and my cat is a random bred spotted tabby. The most likely possibility is that he is not a purebred mix but a random bred which is not a criticism because random bred cats are just as good if not better. Dogs are often purebred or purebred mixes because there are far more purebred dogs than purebred cats. Most cats are random bred which means their parents and grandparents are not cats of a cat breed. Sorry is this disappoints you.

      If he looks like a cat breed it is an F5 Savannah cat.

  2. Hi. I’m just wondering if you can tell me what kind of cat my Oliver is? He has very big ears and stripes and some spots here and there. Spots are on his belly and stripes along his back/tail. I thought he was a tabby/random but his ears are much bigger than my other tabby and he is almost the same size as her but he is MUCH younger than her. Thank you!!

    • Hi Michelle M. Thanks for showing me you tabby cat. I think he is a mackerel tabby random bred. He does have large ears and breeders like to breed large ears for some cat breeds so I can understand your suggestion. However, individual random cats do vary in their appearance obviously and I think he is simply blessed with large ears. Thanks again. He looks lovely and cute.

  3. Syl’s owners moved and left him outside. Syl waited in front on his house for almost a year before he started to wander around. We found him out-front and now he’s part of the family but he still enjoys hanging outside during the late afternoon. We are wondering what kind of mixes he might be. Do you have an idea?

    • Hi Liz, thanks for sharing. He is most likely to be a ginger tabby random bred cat. He looks like that to me. That is not to say he is not a super cat. Your story is sad. He stayed in front of the house for a year. That is astonishing and very sad. I am pleased he has a nice home now.

        • Liz, your cat is gorgeous and what a loyal boy he is, to have waited a whole year in the hopes his owners would return. Thank you for offering him the loving home he truly deserves. I hope you have many happy years together ahead of you.

  4. I am the owner of what I believe to be a beautiful and loving Toyger named Leo but I’m not definite on his breed association. He could very well be a run of the mill domestic short hair tabby cat . He has beautiful tabby markings on his head and face then continuing throughout his coat . His base color is party . He has random leopard spots and his tail is very curly

    • Heavens he sounds divine. If you have a photo I’d be very pleased if you uploaded it to another comment. Just make sure it is not too large (see the text and link below the comment box).

      Thanks for sharing. If you have a Toyger it will be almost miraculous, by the way, because they are rare – most people buy them knowing what they have bought. Your cat is probably an exceptional looking tabby cat as you say.

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