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Idiopathic Feline Diseases: Treating the Symptoms — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Michael, it is a great article and you are right saying about vets treatment behaviors.

    It is my humble request that please cat experts or keepers may write articles about feline (household cats and kittens diseases and their remedies as well. In this way PoC can become an affective site for people like me to read more about felines illness and their way of cure.

    I am really curious about the health of my feral cats and their short life span, all goes due to lack of resources, people’s (cruel) behavior and unavailability of any cats lover vet.

    I have a plan to start the vet practice on my own for the welfare but I am not equipped well in such a knowledge. Perhaps some one in PoC could refer me a PDF book or gift me Vet PDF books so that I could read tem and try on my own.

    Because without experimental approach, it is totally impossible to do something for cats here.

    thank you.

    • A excellent book is Cat Owners Home Veterinary Handbook. I highly recommend it. You can buy it on Amazon. I hope you can get Amazon where you are. If you can’t get it online I’ll send you a copy and some other stuff if you like.

      Feral cat health problems are largely the same as domestic cats. The usual illnesses. This page on the site is about cat health:


      It seems that worms, fleas, URIs, FeLV, FIP and FIV are the main problems.

    • Hi Linda. Thanks for asking. Without seeing a photo I can pretty confidently state that these are normal areas of black or dark brown pigmentation in the skin (nose leather). No worries. If all the fur is removed from a cat the pigmentation follows the pattern in the fur which tells us the pigmentation is present in the skin too. You’ll also see it on the gums and inside the mouth.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Another excellent article. Thanks so much. I highly recommend Dr. Nicholas Dodman’s book, “The Cat who Cried for Help”. It is an amazing book that through case studies discusses a wide variety of feline illnesses that could be put in this category.

    There is an entire chapter on hair loss, and what may be the underlying causes of this condition. It goes into great detail about the possible underlying emotional problems that cats have that causes them to overgroom.

    I wish that all veterinarians would read his book, to help give them some excellent ideas about what may be ailing their feline patients.

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