Idiot Uses Cat As Car Cleaning Sponge

An idiotic and malicious Russian took revenge on a stray cat who had jumped on his precious Mercedes. He grabbed the cat and used him/her as a sponge to clean his car.

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There is not much to say other than it is obviously animal cruelty. It should be a crime but in Russia I doubt that it will be. There are animal welfare laws in Russia but they are low grade. On an assessment by the World Animal Protection’s animal protection index they received and F grade out of possible grades of A-G. Very near the bottom of the scale. Their animal welfare laws prohibit “injury or death to an animal with malicious or mercenary motives, or with sadistic methods, or in the presence of minors” (World Animal Protection (November 2, 2014). “Russia”).

Despite the whole event being on photographic record and therefore the evidence is overwhelming, this man will not, I predict, be prosecuted.

His friend filmed the cat abuse. He said that his friend loved doing it. He even dipped the cat into the bucket of soapy water (see photo).

Locals have asked the police to act. One local resident described the man as a hooligan and other said he was a barbarian. A television station has reported the matter to the police.

The man is a father of one and he lives in Maykopskoe village in the Krasnodar region of Russia.

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  1. Cruel heartless subhuman. I bet the stray cat was just trying to get warm. The disrespect for animal souls that some people display angers me to no end. I am sure the poor cat is even more traumatized towards humans now than he was before. Karma.😢😱


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