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Idiotic cat ownership — 12 Comments

  1. It was such a stupid (not to mention dangerous)thing to do. I can only imagine she lacks the mental capacity to comprehend that fact.

  2. Just when you think you’ve seen every kind of idiot, another one comes along 🙁

    I don’t like passing judgment on others, but for Christ’s sake what was she thinking? Scratch that, she obviously wasn’t thinking. I hope she doesn’t have a job where she’s responsible for the health or safety of others.

  3. Um… uh… well? Crimaney sake. I’m at a loss for words. This is abusive behavior. Period. I think it’s kinda funny they’d even think to do this. Must be a small town. People in small towns think differently. I wonder if anything was done about it?

  4. Not just bugs…but stones chips or other items can fly up and hit the cat. What about the wind ..once she get going (that won’t be good for this poor cat). What about the weather (it seems nice out but could turn bad).
    Yes.. the cat isn’t even secured properly and turning quickly in any direction could cause the cat to slide across the hood and fall off or just plain fee itself and fall off in general.
    Actually if you look closely at the pics passenger (looks almost Asian or native American). And it’s not being racist…it just looks facially like one of the 2.
    Personally .. I’d like to see these 2 half wit morons caught (at some point their car has to stop for a traffic light or passes ANY camera). Something aimed at them that catches their license plate and a close up of their faces.
    I’d very much like to see the same done to both of them..improperly secure the 2 heartless shits to hoods of cars(face first towards the road)..and fly down the streets..weaving in and out of traffic..maybe even out on the highway for a nice drive at 100+ miles an hour. Worthless sub-human scum is what they are…they should be treated the same. See if they LIKE IT!!!!

    • Sorry about typing errors…tend to get annoyed at stuff like this and don’t look at what I’m typing. *Once she GETS going*, *or just plain FREES itself*
      My bad!!! Oh..not bad at what I want to see done to these 2. Just bad at typing!!

    • I like your thoughts. They are similar to mine. They look Asian to me. There may be a cultural connection there without wishing to be racist either. What they did was just so stupid. God they must be thick.

      • I know Michael (It’s why I ADORE & Appreciate you so much)!! As I said..not trying to seem like a racist because I’m not. But..If you look at the pic closely it seems they have Asian or native American features.
        Personally, I don’t care what they are!!! They can be any race,creed,color, any sex or religion or whatever. I COULDN’T CARE LESS!!! I don’t appreciate what they are doing. That can be said for anyone who does any type of heartless, cruel acts to any animal.
        If you plan on doing things to animals like this..I’d be just as mean to ANYONE who does right back at them and say “whatever you do to the animals you hurt; Do them right back”.

  5. i hope she IS prosecuted. thats animal endangerment & reckless driving at the very least! ye gods! what was she thinking, & why did her husband NOT stop her? this is proof that there is no such thing as “common sense”.

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