If 50 cats go missing in a small town then the cats have not just gone walkabout

In one town in New Zealand, Timaru, 50 cats have gone missing we are told. Eighteen have disappeared in the past 18 months. The interesting and rather strange aspect of this story is that some of the women owners believe that a certain woman is involved in the disappearance but the police have investigated her and said that there is nothing wrong. The matter has been left in the air as far as I can tell.

Ashleigh Hicks' cat Moses who is missing.
Ashleigh Hicks’ cat Moses who is missing.
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Ashleigh Hicks said:

“The stories are all the same. Suddenly their cats had vanished, they just didn’t come home.”

It almost seems as if the police have decided that the cats have just gone missing by which I mean they have returned to the wild to become stray or feral cats.

However, in a small town in New Zealand when 50 cats go missing it is impossible to conclude that the cats have decided to return to the wild. There must be foul play involved. Somebody must be committing criminal behaviour. However, the police, as I read the story, don’t seem to be interested.

The ladies involved set up a Facebook page (#freethefurbabies) through which they’re able to communicate with each other and pass on information which may assist them in tracking down the perpetrator. The police advised them to take down the Facebook page! What’s that about? It smells. I can’t find the FB page.

Many of the cat owners had been hopeful that the police’s investigation would provide them with some answers but alas no. They are devastated. One of the ladies says that she does not want others to think that they are a bunch of crazy ladies with fanciful ideas.

You can see the problem here. The authorities having a casual approach to 50 missing cats from a small town don’t want to get involved because they believe that the cats have just done what they think cats often do which is to leave the home and go walkabout and perhaps not come back. However, this is a lazy approach and it cannot be correct. Very few domestic cats disappear from the home to return to the wild. It does happen but it is very rare. If cats are disappearing in such a large number from a small town then clearly they are being taken by somebody or perhaps by a group of people.

There appears to be a section of society in New Zealand who don’t like domestic cats. I can remember Dr Morgan making a case for killing cats to reduce their numbers. I wonder whether somebody has taken it upon themselves to follow out Dr Morgan’s suggestion.

The police should be more active in this matter. If they don’t become active then they simply reinforce what I think about the police’s attitude towards cat abuse issues: disinterested.

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3 thoughts on “If 50 cats go missing in a small town then the cats have not just gone walkabout”

  1. As always the devils henchman here. At what point did they or have the cat owners here stopped letting their cats roam at large ?
    Either there is a crazy cat person with 50 cats in their home or someone is baiting traps and disposing of them because of the nuttery about killing all the cats including housecats put forth by the likes of Dr. Morgan.
    The only other thought could be natural predation moving in for easy targets. There will be huge numbers of small cats and dogs go missing from yards in subdivisions where the owners think a 6 foot wall is a sufficient barrier for wildlife.
    My money is on a cat hater.

    • Exactly!
      No doubt in my mind that I would stalk the supposed suspect with camera and ball bat in hand and not play by anyone’s rules but my own.


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