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If a cat walks over your head and sits on your shoulder is she trying to dominate you? — 2 Comments

  1. The idea of dominance is coming from a human (humans obsess over the idea) who thinks of cats with an understanding of dogs, who they tend to confuse cats with. Although cats do at times dominate or submit (my cat Einstein was a fierce protector who chased any dog who came near our house), it’s not their modus operandi especially in relation to us. They know they can’t dominate us and cats are too smart to try or to challenge their meal ticket or endanger their friend. It occurs to me that many questions about cats come from a place of conflict… from people who don’t think of cats as friends. Really annoys me. I know that Michael simply repeats these questions and is one of the best cat friends I’ve ever known.

  2. Love this.

    The floor is usually the dominant position for domestic, cared for cats. The higher up they go, the more they are showing submission or defence, I think.

    If you watch a real cat fight, it is usually the initial aggressor who is fighting from underneath. Perfect position to bite at the vulnerable, soft under side. I have witnessed this a few times, with indoor/outdoor cats and exclusively indoor cats. I have also witnessed this within feral colonies (rare though, ferals tend to be very careful to avoid serious fights)

    When big cats make a kill, they usually bite the neck of their large prey from underneath.

    I wonder which of these behaviours evolved first, or maybe they evolved together?

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