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If cats see us as “mama cats” or parents, then why do they hiss and attack us? — 4 Comments

  1. Transferred aggression is something all cat owners will have to deal with at some time. This is why it’s so important to stop thinking of cats in the same vein as dogs. Who BTW have a whole set of their own issues.
    We have dealt with it several time and we are not the worse for wear because we understood the basis for the behavior. You can’t comfort most cats when they’re upset. Frog being an exception. Letting the cool their heels in a secure hiding spot and not interacting seems to speed up the process. So does engaging in a familiar activity like feeding or wand toys. You literally redirect the redirected aggression.
    It’s good to see you included over handling. Mook literally has three body pets before you’re in the red zone but you can rub her chin or ears forever.

    • Yes, redirecting the redirected aggression is a nice way to deal with it. Clever. The trouble is most redirected aggression is a one-off event: a single bite which when done seems to release the need to do more.

  2. Can’t help but point out that because we have converted cats into our “children,” that they feel the occasional need to lash out at us as human teenagers do to their parents.

    Could be a case of Grandma’s Revenge?

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