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If fish can read human faces we should respect our cats more — 4 Comments

  1. My daughter and her family have a Koi and Goldfish pond. She has been feeding and playing with the fish for a few years. Many of then come to the side of the pond when she appears and a few like their backs and sided rubbed gently. When I have taken care of them when the family is on vacation, I have found that some of them will come up to my fingers so I can put the food pellets directly into their mouths. They don’t do this for everyone.

    • They recognise and like you, Susan. It is a little study which should jolt some people into regarding animals in a different light.

  2. Of all the things I’ve wanted as pets and usually restrained myself from an octopus rates on top of that list. They are sadly of maybe thankfully above my pay grade to properly maintain.
    Intelligence isn’t always measured on human terms. It the ability to problem solve.
    No species would survive or adapt if they were just ‘ dumb animals.’.

    • So, so agree, ME.
      Although I consume a small amount of fish, I could never bring myself to pick out a lobster from a tank.
      They have knowing eyes, and I tear up watching how they pair up sometimes even though not with their original mates that they paired up for life with. They are much more loyal than humans.
      Ofcourse, cats are intelligent and deserve respect. And, mine read me like a novel. But, sadly to me, cats are independent beings that can divide their loyalty and do not choose life partners.

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