If I was a parent I’d be delighted to see this cat-child relationship

There is so much to like about this relationship. It’s very positive for both of them. I’d be delighted to see this if I was the parent of the child. The girl will learn about animals and develop a sensitivity towards them. Her resistance to allergens will be boosted. She’ll have a companion who is reliable and always present. She’ll have the tough experience of the passing of her cat one day. That’ll teach her another lesson. The cat’s life is complete as a domestic animal. This sort of relationship is what cat domestication is all about provided all the other boxes are ticked which I’d expect to be the case.

Between adult humans and young children there is disconnect with respect to communication. The child is learning how to understand language. In the cat-child relationship that we see here there is no communication breakdowns. They understand each other very well. It’s all about routines, knowing each other’s behaviour and body language.

The child appears to interact with her cat gently. This is obviously and important aspect of children’s behaviour towards cats. It allows the relationship to grow. Children won’t tolerate their cat’s reaction to roughhousing because their cat will play back hard and upset the child and her parents.

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In case the video fails, it shows a child of about 4 (a guess) watching a screen while siting on a chair. Her cat companion comes over and she strokes his head. The cat goes up on his hind legs and rubs against her. He nuzzles her and she cuddles him. They seem to both look at the screen. They are together in a loving relationship.

Cat-child relationship
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Cat-child relationship

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