If this cat found 3 others with deep meows they could start a barbershop quartet

The big discussion point about this video is: is it real?! The more I see it the more I think the sound track has been edited. It would not be that hard to delete the sound of the meow and add the voice of a human making a deep meow-like sound.

I have researched the health aspects of deep feline voices! I must have been on a wild goose chase. Feline laryngitis causes hoarseness but not this extraordinary sound which is extraordinary it cannot be real. The video maker hints at the possibility of laryngeal paralysis. I have never heard of that feline illness.

The cat (whose name is Jack) looks old and thin. He may have a chronic illness such as hyperthyroidism but there are no chronic illnesses which affect a cat’s voice like this.

The title comes from a comment on YouTube which I liked and was chosen on the presumption that the cat is reasonably healthy and that the video has been created with sound editing.

6 thoughts on “If this cat found 3 others with deep meows they could start a barbershop quartet”

  1. There’s an ambient hiss on the track that goes unaltered during the cat’s meow, and the fact that I’ve heard slight men with deep voices and that cats are capable of making a wide range of sounds makes me think this cats’ voice is possible, though I’ve never heard this tone from a cat before.

  2. I’ve heard when software can speed up the frequency without changing the pitch, but this is the opposite, so I don’t know if it can be done. I think the fact that we now live in a time when people are so obsessed with creating a viral video if only for a moment’s fame, this isn’t all that remarkable in that respect. It IS remarkable only if true, but I am scrutinizing the sound of the owner’s voice too – he’s not making a big deal about it. IOW he sounds legit. I’m sure an audio engineer could take a forensic look at it and determine if it’s been altered, though. A note from a veterinarian couldn’t hurt either. I’m going to listen to it over and over…

    • I agree Albert that the owner sounds relaxed and credible. He really adds to the credibility but…maybe that is all part of the scam to make it viral. If it is real I’d love to know the underlying cause.


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