If Yoda and Gollum had a love child…

This is Loki. The new Grumpy Cat. He is, of course, a Sphynx – a purebred hairless cat. His expression is priceless and his personality is sassy. He is best friends with his human companion, Sara.

“We are inseparable. We are best friends.”

He lives with Sara and Brent in Brooklyn New York. He joined the family a day before Halloween in 2014. They adopted a Sphynx because Brent is allergic to cats. That is an interesting statement because it implies that Sphynx cats are hypoallergenic. The only way that Loki could be hypoallergenic is if he did not groom himself. It is when a cat grooms himself by depositing saliva on his fur that he becomes allergic to some humans because the saliva contains a protein called Fel D1 which is an allergen to about 10% of people.

Okay, he looks incredibly grumpy. OMG he looks awful. Would you want to live with a cat looking this ugly? A lot of people would because he is quite special in his appearance and his character is interesting. Also, we are told that he is incredibly affectionate, cuddly and chatty. He likes eating chicken and scrambled eggs and having his head scratched.

4 thoughts on “If Yoda and Gollum had a love child…”

    • Well, people have different viewpoints on this. I don’t like it personally. I don’t think the Sphynx should be bred. The breed should not exist.

  1. Awww, Michael. Loki is interesting and different. He has quite a bit of character. I think he is cute, even dashing in a special sort of way. πŸ’œ

    • πŸ™‚ Nice comment. He is interesting. And it is only his looks. I am not sure I could live with him. And what’s on his nose?


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