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If You Find a Lost Microchipped Cat You Cannot Claim Him As Your Own — 4 Comments

  1. We had a case where a stray with an unregistered microchip was brought in. We tried to contact the shelter where the chip was sold, but they couldn’t help either. We posted the cat on our website and other media, vet offices, notices on poles – we did our due diligence. The cat was with us for six months and then it was adopted out to a single mom and her special needs, 10-yr little girl. A few months after that, the original owner came in to lay claim to her cat; however, she was upset the cat was already adopted out. She claimed the microchip made the cat hers, but she never registered the chip nor did she have paperwork with the chip number. In the end, legally, we had every right to adopt out the cat because (1) microchip never registered; (2) no paperwork to compare; (3) original shelter had no record; (4) we did our due diligence.

    The original owner understood and when she found out the cat went to the little girl, the woman understood and ended up choosing another cat, whose microchip was registered as part of the adoption process.

    • I totally agree with you. My argument is based on the microchip providing evidence that the cat is properly owned by a person. The chip has to provide good evidence and in the case you describe it did not. Also as you say you did all you could to find the owner. That leans towards (results in) tge transfer of ownership on adoption to new owner.

      Thanks Gail.

  2. My BFF cats decided to do a walk about and was gone for almost 3 months and one day I got a call from the center that holds all data for microchipped pets and they asked me if I was the owner of (Trouble) and I said no but I am the contact person in case the owner is not reached and I met with an elderly couple who had taken Trouble in just a day prior when they took her to their vet to be scanned for a chip and thats when the company called me and made arrangements to meet the couple and get Trouble back,I’m so glad they were honest enough to get her scanned.

    • Good story Irish. Yes, the finders have to be honest because if not they can keep a cat who belongs to someone else in which case it would technically be theft in my opinion.

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