If you have a cat, keep it in your yard or I will kill it

A Hernando, Mississippi man is receiving death threats after posting a warning sign to cats in his yard. Fox Carolina News reported the story September 5.

The sign read:

“If you have a cat, keep it in your yard or I will kill it.”

Sign saying a homeowner wil kill a cat if it strays on his property
The Sign.
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"Kevin" being interviewed
“Kevin” being interviewed

The sign’s creator, asked to only be identified as Kevin, made the sign early in the week. Kevin says he was tired of his dog barking and shaking his blinds at 5 a.m. each morning as the cat passed through his yard. He admits he hadn’t had his coffee the day he painted the sign and was just upset. Kevin added he would never kill a cat.

News about the sign has gone viral. A photo of the sign was posted on Facebook on Tuesday, and a concerned citizen even sent the mayor a message via Facebook. The mayor immediately sent out animal control to be sure any stray cats were trapped and not killed. Jacob Hisaw with Hernando Animal Control says an officer asked Kevin to take down his sign, which he did.

The home
The home

Kevin told animal control his main purpose of the sign was to locate the cats owner. Within 20 minutes of posting his sign he knew who the cat belonged to. Hanah Ward couldn’t believe all of the fuss about her cat T.J., who is a rescue. She admitted T.J. likes to roam, and says her cat is sweet and calm. Hanah said in an interview

“For a sign like that, I don’t know. It’s a little much. If something happened to my cat, I don’t know what I would do.”

Unfortunately, Hanah hasn’t seen T.J. since Wednesday morning. Another resident in the area is also missing a cat.

Animal control is watching Kevin and keeping an eye on the general area. The law in Hernando states cats can roam, so Hanah isn’t in any trouble for allowing T.J. to wander around the neighborhood. Kevin isn’t in any trouble either, since there’s no evidence he did anything wrong.

Hernando Animal Control would like to remind residents that killing a cat is considered animal cruelty, and is illegal. They have also offered to set traps in any area where feral cats are causing a problem.

It’s good that Kevin took down his sign, and that he understands how serious cat lovers are and the lengths we will go to in keeping our cats safe. One day people will learn that anything involving animals and the intent to harm them will most likely end up on Facebook. I do worry about where the missing neighborhood cats are, and whether they’re unharmed. Personally, I’d be afraid to leave a cat outdoor at night unsupervised.


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  1. The guy could have handled the situation a lot better than he did, but I can understand his frustration.
    I live in a rural area and have chickens and turkeys. There is a dog (we’ve seen the prints) roaming around and it has attacked and killed our animals. Trust and believe, if we catch it on our property attacking our animals, he’s getting dealt with harshly. Keeping an animal as a pet requires that you do not allow that animal to roam free and create havoc. An animal is not to blame for its instincts – the owners are to blame for not being responsible.


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