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If you have a cat, keep it in your yard or I will kill it — 21 Comments

  1. The guy could have handled the situation a lot better than he did, but I can understand his frustration.
    I live in a rural area and have chickens and turkeys. There is a dog (we’ve seen the prints) roaming around and it has attacked and killed our animals. Trust and believe, if we catch it on our property attacking our animals, he’s getting dealt with harshly. Keeping an animal as a pet requires that you do not allow that animal to roam free and create havoc. An animal is not to blame for its instincts – the owners are to blame for not being responsible.

  2. Yea I hate reading articles like this!!! It really upsets me. I know there is alot of fear out there. People just need to learn to get along. I would hate living in US & I think Uk where there seems to be so much hatred and where animals dont seem to have much of a life. Unless they are well looked after. Like my Neighbour he doesnt like Cats. But he tolerates them. As we are always come to agreement. Like when i see them in his backyard I always knock on the Glass window and they hear it and look up. I do knnow they stay closer to home than they ever have. Its just like Dog Owners and Cat Owners have to get along. Its all about Communication and a Common ground. I wish there was some postive instead of negative stuff all the time.

  3. He’s a Big Bully and a Coward as well-
    And capable of momentary Physical abuses-
    I don’t believe his words-I believe his wording-
    If he gets in trouble he’ll go home crying to his mommy.Reminds me of my Ex..whom I have a petpeev name for which I won’t attach here___

  4. My opinion is that any public threat directed towards any animal should be a crime. It may well have been treated that way if it were a child trespassing on this man’s property, riling up his dog, instead of a cat.

    However, I am pleasantly surprised that this Mississippi city took the matter seriously and took steps to safeguard free-roaming cats. Hopefully, they will keep their word and not kill them if no owner shows up to claim them. I have my doubts.

    I don’t care that this man claims that he really wouldn’t kill a cat. Two orange tabbies are missing and, I suspect that he was the culprit, not knowing exactly which “look-a-like cat” was the one he hated.

    Animal Control, anywhere, doesn’t have the time to focus on this man. The community should organized their own neighborhood watch and patrol around the clock.

  5. I don’t know what world’s people are upto but I will say some thing, actually I am sick now a days due to horrible kittens killing thoughts.

    But I will type an article very soon about my experiences regarding different behaviors of people towards cats and also mention why these behaviors occurs in us (human beings).

    phuuuhaa Don’t like all this but thank you so much for sharing the report with us and in this way, we can know the truth. These facts can help us in remedial measures that we can take to protect our pets and feral/ strays.

    Aaaah 🙁

    • Sorry if this article upsets you Ahsan. There are many wonderful cat owners (guardians) but there are also many people who dislike cats and even hate them. This could anywhere even in Britain where we are are said to be an animal loving nation.

      PoC needs to have some cat news stories to add to the factual articles but nearly all the news stories are bad news stories about cats. You get the occasional cut cat story or celebrity cat but most often it is about abuse of cat shelters being overfull etc.

  6. I’m not going to stress myself out posting what i always post when i hear about owners allowing their cats to roam free!! It sends waves of anger down my back!!! If you care anything about your CAT, you will keep it inside!!! There are diseases, cars, other animals and twisted maniacs walking the beat everywhere looking for mischief so why would you continue keeping your cats outdoors where anything can happen at any time??? If you genuinely care about your animals you will keep them restrained and healthy in your home at all times!!!! You are being nothing short of negligent and ignorant to the signs of time in which we live!!! Glad the idiot had to remove his sign btw!!

    • Tell me about it Jayne! I thought I’d terrified everyone enough in 2010 to make them keep their cats indoors. If you look at the left side articles those are from my first years writing for PoC when I did mostly abuse cases. I’d be terrified to let a cat outdoors unsupervised.

        • Wow! You did a great job. Thanks for sending that! However, it is very scary dealing with and talking about that delicate issue of abuse. Its always important thought to keep it lodged down people’s throats because it needs reinforced! Too many owners are living in Laa Laa Land. There has been only one time that my cat was outside and i was shocked. It seems as though, unbeknownst to me, he had torn the bedroom screen away from its foundation. One morning i woke up to find him sitting outside the ledge just looking around as if this was normal! By a miracle i coaxed him back inside the apartment with the promise of food and he walked in very casually as if he had done this hundreds of times. To my knowledge this was a first, but i am unsure. He could of been sneaking out and coming in on his own without me knowing until i found out that one morning. Since then even the windows do not get opened anymore! I found out he had damaged the bedroom, living room and dining room screens and had management put new ones in. So, this is another thing to watch out for as well. Check screens on a regular basis to make sure they have not been ripped away from the foundation. Thank you for sharing that with me.

            • Unbelievable!! I had no idea there are so many dangers that exist even inside the home!! Tragic some of them! That will make me become more aware of my own surroundings. I am with my boy pretty much of the time so i am always aware of what he is up to. Lately, not much. He sleeps alot. haha. Thank god some of them i do not worry over. I do not have a washer or dryer. I do not cook as i eat out alot or order in. I unplug all plugged in cords when not in use. Once, not long after i had adopted him, i went into the kitchen in the fridge for something and he jumped right inside. I shooed him away, but looking away for just a second a cat can jump inside and the result not so good. I am sure there is something i can improve on around the home. I appreciate that article and found it very useful. Thank you!

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