If you really cared about felines, you would be adopting domestic cats from the streets or shelters

by Kathy
(Pennsylvania, USA.)

You people are idiots! There are enough cats in the world who don’t have homes and we don’t need people breeding more!!

And, especially a hybrid cat which will need more room to run than most people can give!! I can’t wait for these wild cats to scratch your eyes out or better yet, injure your children, and then you will have them euthanized!

You are all out for money and that’s it!! If you really cared about felines, you would be adopting domesticated cats from the streets or shelters.

You suck!!!!


Hi Kathy…. thanks for visiting and expressing your feelings on PoC.

On a basic level I agree with you (except for certain parts of what you say such as the bit about “idiots” and that “you suck..”)

First though, a lot of people who visit this site are genuine cat lovers who care deeply about the cat on the street and they are often involved in rescue of some sort and they don’t buy or live with pedigree purebred cats.

That said, I feel there is a place in the world for responsible breeders and A1 Savannahs, probably the premier cat breeder in the USA, are extremely professional and responsible.

I do feel that at the same time the nation as a whole should deal with feral, stray and abandoned cats in an equally responsible and humane manner.

At the moment feral cats are largely ignored or killed. However, there are many wonderful people who care for feral cats, feed them and organise trap, neuter and return programs. They do this out of compassion and are driven by the same feelings that you express on this page. I believe that the humane treatment of feral cats should be dealt with at a local government level and not just be left to kind hearted and good people to deal with it.

In conclusion, when you insult me, the person who runs this site and others who visit it regularly, you do so not knowing who we are and what we think.

I think you should be more careful when you decide to throw mud at people! But I understand your feelings nonetheless.

Michael Avatar

Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

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If you really cared about felines, you would be adopting domestic cats from the streets or shelters

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Mar 24, 2011 Reputable breeders
by: Anonymous

Most cat breeders stay in the negative financially, and are simply hobby breeders. It takes a great deal of money for medical care for the parents yearly check ups, vaccines, etc…, then top quality foods, vitamins, litter, etc….An average weekly trip to Petco is $150 – $200 take this times 52 weeks, then medical and supplies. Got the picture – there is no way a person can be living off the money from a few litters of kittens a year. Anyone believing otherwise has no common sense. In addition, most breeder early spay / neuter their kittens, whereas people who obtain their domestic feline off the street do not neuter / spay. Ethical breeders that adopt on spay / neuter contract are responsible and have health warranties, so the breeders are not the problem for over population. It is your people adopting off the street and returning to the street. Therefore, watch who you call idiot, because I am sure you feel like a moron right now.

Dec 06, 2010 your nuts
by: Kathy W

Im sorry we have the same name and I hope my friends on POC dont confuse you with me!!! I ve been on here for a long time and ove everything about POC. These people are my friends and I meet people from all over the world on here. For one thing we try to prevent unwanted breeding. Why dont you go to the purebreed dog page and spout some anger at those crazies. I was into the dog world for a long time. Talk about some crazies. We support Trap and release programs and I have two cats from TNR called spay and stay. We also have an animal control program in our area where people who cant afford to get their cats spayed or nuetuered can apply for low income help. My son got his cat nuetured for free. Several local vets participate in that program. They also have days where they give low cost shots. Also Petco has low cost animal care at their stores twice a month. Stop bitching about stuff you dont have all the facts on. You sound just like some of them other animal haters that come on here to bash us animal lovers. Get over it we are not going away any time soon.

Nov 26, 2010 Misplaced anger
by: Leah (England)

I can kind of understand your feelings but I really think you ought to do a bit more research and try to calm yourself before you go spouting all this venom!

You don’t realise who you are attacking here! As Michael says visitors to this site are all active in animal welfare whether it be rescuing, TNR, campaigning, advice etc. Micheal himself has raised a hell of a lot of money for cat welfare causes.

Ruth’s right; look whats happening on your own doorstep first before you slag off everyone on here! There’s declawing for example and whether a cat is a pedigree or not they still end up in shelters once the cruel, selfish owners realise that actually they don’t really like this different cat that they’ve been handed back!!

Pedigrees have been bred for many years and its not going to stop now so get used to it.

Try looking deeper into the issues on animal cruelty, ferals and strays, do some research instead of targeting your misplaced anger into just one area!

Nov 25, 2010 You are the idiot Kathy
by: Rose

Yes YOU and I’ll tell you why.

It’s because we DO care about felines and we DO adopt them from the streets and the shelters.

If you bothered to read more pages on here you’d see a lot of us volunteer in animal rescue and have rescue cats ourselves.

We are doing our best and as much as we possibly can to save as many cats as we can.

We can’t stop breeders from breeding hybrid cats,we don’t have that power.I don’t approve of it either because any way you look at it,they make money out of it from the people who can afford to pay huge sums for a cat.

But as Ruth said it wouldn’t make any difference anyway because of the ignorance of a lot of people who think cats are disposable whether pedigree,hybrid,wild or whatever.

Nov 25, 2010 To Kathy
by: Ruth

Kathy I understand how you feel as I get very angry too at the thousands of unwanted cats in your country. Have you looked on Petfinder.com and seen the number of cats and little kittens in Shelters ? Please turn your anger into educating about neutering (spaying or castrating) because a lot of those kittens are litters which irresponsible ignorant people have let their cats breed and of course they have no homes for them to go to.

You could also help us educate about the cruelty of declawing cats, a lot of cats in Shelters are there because of problems from this cruel operation. Do you know some Shelters declaw tiny kittens ? And that some vets advertise declawing at discount prices ? Turn your anger on them and campaign for them to stop that and to advertise discount neutering instead.

People who declaw, who don’t neuter, or who relinquish their cats for any flimsy excuse are not fit to have cats and even if there was no one breeding pedigree or semi wild cats it wouldn’t lessen the unwanted domestic or feral cats because ignorant people just cast them off.

I read recently of one person who took 3 cats to a Rescue Shelter of questionable reputation but is now talking of having another cat. How long before that poor cat ends up unwanted too ?

I don’t agree with breeding cats from the wild with domestic cats but I do know from PoC that there are responsible breeders and the welfare of all cats is the most important thing to me.

Calling people idiots etc will only alienate them from you and it’s such a shame as you obviously care about all cats, just like most of us who come here do.

I don’t think you really want childrens eyes scratched out and cats killed because of that, do you ?

Insulting people here doesn’t help those cats at all.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Nov 25, 2010 A bit harsh Kathy
by: Barbara

Kathy I agree in principle with what you say, it IS sad that when there are literally milions of cats desperate for homes people are breeding hybrid cats that are better suited to the wild than to being domestic cats. But you lost my sympathy rather when you wished for the cats to turn on the humans and their children and be euthanized. No true cat lover would wish death on a cat, even on a hypothetical cat. You have a lot of passion for cats, please don’t use it against people who also love cats but use it instead against people who abuse cats, there are millions of them out there.

Barbara avatar

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