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If you want to be confused try working out whether bisphenols and phthalates are in cat food — 4 Comments

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  2. While chemicals added to food and the containers it’s processed in may add to reduced fertility the use of artificial insemination has had a bigger impact on breeding. It allows an animal incapable of passing on it’s genes in a natural way to pass that trait onto it’s offspring though AI.

  3. Agreed Eva.
    Unfortunately, should you find plastic containers that read “EPA free”, you will see a substitute for it that has many of the same undesirables. In 2012, BPA was replaced with something called BPS. As it turned out, BPS was found to be no better. In 2013 (they waited a year to test), 81% of Americans had traces of BPS in their urine.
    For sheer safety purposes, I guess we just need to stick with sterilized glass especially for pets and babies.
    Just think of all the plastic bottled water that is consumed here. I won’t go into my opinion about why anyone other than those with poor water quality would spend a fortune on bottled water.

  4. Well, I don’t think consumer’s protection is one of manufacturer’s goals, except minimally where the law demands it, but even then….

    And Susan Thixton’s research shows that regulator’s blatantly don’t care about what’s in pet “feed”, much less the containers. I think cans may be worse than bags or plastic, but I really don’t know for sure.

    I buy commercial raw food in 1 lb. containers, then when it’s partially defrosted, divide into 1 oz. servings in small plastic containers that go in the freezer.

    I’ve been trying to help a neighbor find 5 gal plastic water containers that don’t have BP in the plastic. It’s been nearly impossible. She can’t afford an expensive filter.

    We’re really at the mercy of manufacturers and their desire to keep costs down, and prices up.

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