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If your cat’s behaviour is driving you nuts try timeout — 1 Comment

  1. A home should have plenty or retreats where a cat that is getting either stressed or picked on can go to. Often interactive play can be used for both cats or even a cat having what we call redirected aggression.
    I can compare redirected aggression to the aggression dogs develop when tied on ropes and chains. What is stimulation to their natural urges is out of reach. In most cases a fence doesn’t seem to produce the same behavior.
    Redirected aggression is accepted in cats however much more research needs to be done in how to avoid this behavior. Personally I think a cat that does not get regular hard play where they are exhausted is more prone to it. JG often mentions the need to make that bunch of feathers on the wand act like real prey.
    Each of my cats has a favorite activity which is interesting. Mercy is scared of the lizard thing on the wand but the twins will tear the house apart trying to catch it. Mercy drags her pink tape measure around and dances on it when it’s time to drag it around. She hides and stalks and then finally pounces. I agree that it’s best to isolate a cat that is in this kind of mental distress. It’s better to investigate what makes it happen beyond the simple explanation. BTW if you cat is actively hunting at a window leave them alone. They are happily mentally engaged.

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