If your partner prefers dogs get a dog-like cat

There must me hundreds of thousands of examples of partnerships in which the woman wants to adopt a cat but the man does not because he prefers dogs. And the discussion commences. Well, it won’t be so much a discussion but a subtle campaign by the woman during which she gradually convinces her man that he can like cats and he will like them because there is a cat breed which will appeal to him, the Maine Coon.

Maine Coon

Super looking cat a young Maine Coon
Super looking cat – a young Maine Coon. Photo in public domain.
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In truth you can’t realistically describe the Maine Coon as dog-like except for their size but there many characteristics which overlap with those of dogs. They are the biggest cat breed. So if size matters to the male half of the relationship this is the way to go.

The Maine Coon also has a nice strong face. They have square muzzles and tall, triangular ears with impressive elongated, erect hair strands jutting out of the tips. They are lynx tipped ears after the beautiful wild cat the lynx.

Dog fans will say that dogs are loyal and cats aren’t. You’ll have to get over that hurdle if you are going to convince him. I think the ladies will be able to convince their male partner in this respect because the Maine Coon is described as a loyal cat companion. They are affectionate and respond to verbal praise. Well, I am exaggerating a little bit but that’s the selling point. It is a point worth making though. Cats do respond to verbal praise because they associate the sound of your voice when praising them to a reward – a cuddle, nice food or gentle, loving petting.

Another massive hurdle is how to substitute taking a dog for a walk. He’ll say that he likes taking a dog for a walk and you can’t do that with a domestic cat. Uhm..that’s not quite true actually. You can train domestic cats to go for walks. It just does not come naturally as it does for the dog which is why you rarely see it.

Savannah cat?

Magic F1 Savannah Cat Walking
Magic F1 Savannah Cat Walking at Marland Estate. Photo copyright A1 Savannahs

There is another cat breed which is more suitable for ‘cat walking’ and that is the F1 Savannah cat. If you take an F1 Savannah cat for walk you’ll have to expect to be stopped all the time because this is a mightily impressive looking animal. There’ll be a lot of questions because the F1 Savannah looks like a wild cat and they are genuinely half serval. Their fathers are servals.

So if your male significant other likes to be noticed and prefers dogs to cats you might be able to convince him to adopt an F1 Savannah cat. You’ll almost certainly have to look to America to find a breeder but you might be lucky to find one outside of America. The one downside is that they will be far more expensive than almost any dog you’d considered adopting.

The F1 Savannah will have dog-like loyalty. It is said that the top wildcat hybrids create fierce bonds with their human companions. This may be because of their intelligence. They have inherited the superior intelligence of the wild cat parent. There will be a trade off though. You’ll need to meet the extra demands that owning a wild cat hybrid brings.

Random bred cats

I’d prefer it if people adopted random bred rescue cats. You’ll find rescue cats who are more dog-like than others but you want be sure about it until you have adopted and lived with them for a while.


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