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Ignorance is at the heart of animal abuse — 4 Comments

  1. Genesis 1:26 does not imply that humans are free to abuse animals. Abuse is a perversion of the condition of dominion. It also applies between strong and powerful people, and the weak and vulnerable. The only moderating factor can be morality which is obviously lacking in some people with the aggravating problem of a sadistic personality. The answer is not easy but adequate punishment as a deterrent springs to mind. The point of the Ten Commandments in the Christian religion is to give people a code of civilised conduct which benefits all. The idea of the claim these basic laws come from God, not from Man, was to make them more authoritative to believers. These laws were then used as the basis for man-made laws and the appropriate punishments. which permeate the Judeo-Christian civilisation. All people whether believers or non-believers thus face the real consequences, not just the imagined wrath of God. On the other hand in the Qur’an the Sura verses 2:106, and 16.101 abrogate (supercede) all previous laws and commands including notably the Ten Commandments which explains a lot. Some Muslims are kind to cats simply because Mohammad was kind to his cats, but that kindness does not apply to Christians and Jews. Qur’an 8.12, ” Terrorise and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.” All religions are not alike. I do not see that Genesis 1.26 legitimises cruelly to animals. It is an example of equivocation which uses a vague non-specific term in a specific way.

  2. Dumping all religions would be a great start to improving the lot of all other species.

    Daily I see examples of the ignorant garbage pumped out by all the religions (maybe not Jainism) that place anything except humans at the bottom of the hierarchy.

    Why must we cling to the nonsense of religions and their oppressive obstruction to intelligence and free thinking?

    It will always be a huge heartsink moment for me when I see that generally humans do not understand the word “dominion” This lack of understanding leads to a lot of abuse and neglect for animals.

    • I am pleased that you agree with me on religion. It is dangerous concept, human constructed. I don’t want to upset anyone but religion has caused so much violence and hatred. What’s the point of it?

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